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Today, Arkema is one of the world leaders in thiochemicals (sulfur-based chemicals), combining innovation, service and a close relationship with its customers.

Our group offers a complete sulfur derivatives portfolio, including:

  • Intermediates for methionine and derivatives
  • Mercaptans
  • Thioglycolic acid and specialties
  • A wide range of additives for rubber.


A global thiochemicals offering

Our thiochemicals serve the following main markets in a global and integrated way with dedicated product ranges and turnkey solutions:

  • The food, agrochemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, by taking advantage of strong growth in these market segments worldwide.
  • The oil and gas sector with odorants for natural gas and integrated solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of steamcrackers and refineries.
  • The chemical and plastics industry as well as the automotive market through the use of a wide range of products such as solvents, synthesis and formulation intermediates, lubricants and additives for rubber and PVC.

This activity currently operates eleven production facilities: seven in Europe, three in the United States and one in Asia. Thanks to its global technical support, R&D and sales teams, it is able to provide innovative products, tailor-made solutions and services in a highly responsive manner, throughout the world.

The start up of the new thiochemicals platform in Kerteh, Malaysia complements Arkema’s two sites, in Europe (Lacq, France) and the United States (Beaumont, TX). For the first time, our group now has thiochemicals industrial capacities in Asia, close to fast-growing markets. The site produces methyl mercaptan for use in the manufacture of biomethionine for the animal feed market as well as DMDS earmarked for Asia’s petrochemicals and refining players.



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