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Odorflex® operational services related to gas odorants

Product overview

In addition to leading the industry in odorant delivery, packaging and product offers, Arkema also provides its customers with the highest level of support related to odorization for gas. These Odorflex® services include technical and safety oriented trainings, dedicated R&D support, odor-free odorant transfers operations, analytic support, assistance for your decommissioning operations, and more.

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Your gas odorant solutions provider

For more information about our Odorflex® service offer, we invite you to download our brochure and technical datasheets.

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Arkema’s Odorflex® service package options are: 

  • Flexible delivery options & packaging

  • Comprehensive technical support

  • Odor-free odorant operations and transfers

  • Odorant-specific R&D capabilities

  • Sampling & analysis

  • Spill management equipment (SME)

  • Training with subject matter experts

  • Odorant Equipment Decommissioning (OED)
  • Additional customized services tailored to different specific needs

Contact us to begin building a custom odorant service package. Arkema Odorflex® is your one-stop shop for odorant services.

Technical support

Do you have questions related to odorants? Our technical team will answer your questions about: odorant safety, handling, material compatibility, transfer procedures, odor control, etc.

Odor-free operation & transfer

Our dedicated technical support team will coordinate and perform operations on your site, using specialized equipment and procedures to ensure safe and odor-free product transfers.

Sampling & analysis

Are you concerned about the quality of the odorant in your system? Arkema will provide a sample kit and guidance around sampling the odorant. We provide specialized odor-resistant packaging to ship the sample to our Quality Analysis lab, where we will analyze a sample from your tank to confirm its purity.


Working with odorant needs to be done right. Arkema Odorflex® trainings are designed to teach your operations teams the basics of odorization, Environmental, Health, and Safety specifics for odorants, spill response protocols, and more. 

Odorflex® OED

Odorflex® OED is a full service technical solution for the removal and cleaning of old odorant equipment. Arkema’s OED process allows us to SAFELY decommission and remediate equipment contaminated with odorants. Our team will safely and efficiently remove the equipment from your site, remove all traces of mercaptans using our proprietary cleaning process, and dispose of the cleaned equipment.

Spill management advice

Having the correct equipment on site in case of an odorant release is critical. Arkema provides guidance on the tools you need, how to use them, and offers the most effective odor control products for odorant cleanup.

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