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Impact modifiers

Arkema’s acrylic and MBS impact modifiers improve the impact strength of thermoplastic materials, while offering an optimal cost-performance balance. These additives are particularly designed for the reinforcement of PVC articles for exterior applications, as PVC windows, but also interior applications as furniture films or transparent packaging.

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Modifer range was extended with toughening agents dedicated to the reinforcement of thermosetting resins which are employed in composites materials or in structural adhesives formulations.

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Processing aids

Arkema’s processing aids are suitable for the calendaring, extrusion and injection processes of plastic materials. These additives enhance fusion and eliminate surface defaults of thermoplastic articles.


Modifiers for bio-polymers

Arkema’s acrylic impact modifier for bio-polymers improve impact properties of transparent or opaque bio-polymers such as PLA, Cellulose acetate, PHA…

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Our additives solutions

Our impact modifiers and processing aids are used in a wide range of applications by enhancing performances of PVC, cPVC, engineering plastics such as polycarbonates, polyesters, polyamides including their blends, and biopolymers such as PLA, cellulose acetate, or PHA.

Our additives for thermoplastic resins

Our toughening agents allow to increase toughening performances, by optimizing processing conditions, in a large spectra of matrices such as Methylmetacrylates, Epoxy, and Polyesters, mainly used in structural adhesives and high performance composites applications.

Our additives for thermosetting resins

Innovation provider

  • Clearstrength® XT100: New tougehning agent in powder form designed for high performance composites and structural adhesive formulations.
  • Durastrength® 367: Last generation of cost-performant impact modifier particularly adapted to window profile formulations.
  • Plastistrength® 580: Last development of ultra-high molecular weight processing aid adapted to low density applications and tHick foam sheets.

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