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We are a world-renowned player in molecular sieves with our registered trademark Siliporite®. Depending on the application and molecule to be captured, different zeolites with varying crystal structures are available with pore opening sizes beginning at 3 Angstroms. Molecular sieves are commonly used as desiccants to control water content and allow users to reach extremely low specifications. They are also used for selective adsorption of chemical compounds to separate these molecules from liquids and gases.


Arkema’s experts are available in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.


Arkema manufactures high and consistent quality molecular sieves at two production plants, one located in Honfleur (France) and the other one in Inowroclaw (Poland).

In 2017, the Honfleur plant was expanded with a 60 M€ investment to support the growth of its customers around the world.

Our R&D center is located in Lacq, France and runs a number of pilot plants replicating our customers’ processes at low and high temperatures, pressures, acidity levels... This allows us to evaluate and fine-tune the performance of our zeolites based on specific applications and to make effective tailor-made studies for our customers.

Our molecular sieves are sold in a broad variety of configurations: as a powder, in beads, or in pellets of various sizes.

We supply various forms of packaging as well, ranging from small bags to big bags to supersacks as well as steel and plastic drums. Arkema molecular sieves is constantly focused on reducing the carbon footprint of its business and of its customers: ask us about our sustainability initiatives.



A complete portfolio for multiple applications

Beyond water adsorption applications as desiccants, Siliporite® molecular sieves are available in a comprehensive portfolio for the adsorption of gases and liquids in the following sectors: 


·       Oil and Gas applications

·       Gas sweetening

·       Cracked gas and olefins drying

·       Refineries & Petrochemical processes

·       Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production

·       Biogas drying and purification

·       Ethanol drying processes

·       Hydrogen purification

·       Xylenes separation

·       Medical oxygen (Nitroxy product line)

·       Industrial oxygen production: Air Separation Units and PSA units (Airsiev product line)

·       Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (powder type)

·       Insulated glass (powder and beads types)

·       Refrigerants

·       Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and food applications.

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