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Siliporite® for Biofuels

Product overview

For years, our Siliporite® molecular sieves have been used for ethanol dehydration down to the ppm level. Arkema Siliporite® EPX is the grade of choice for ethanol dehydration.

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Your value-added partnership with Arkema, the worldwide molecular sieves supplier

Since 1958 Arkema has been a major player in molecular sieves and a renowned expert in the field with its Siliporite® registered trademark.

Ethanol dehydration for biofuels

Ethyl alcohol is produced either by fermentation or by synthesis. It needs to be dehydrated to very low water levels. Applications for dry ethanol includes biofuels (direct blending and ETBE production).

Nowadays, ethanol dehydration with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process with molecular sieves columns is the preferred technology.

Arkema has over 40 years experience in molecular sieves for biofuels applications. Arkema’s Siliporite® EPX3B is the best choice to minimize by-products formation and ethanol co-adsorption and to provide high adsorption kinetics.