Websites and locations

Arkema has developed a service culture focused on the partnership with its customers. Its worldwide presence enables it to listen to its customers and to meet their needs locally. It supports them technically, from customized solution design to implementation.

As one of the global leaders in specialty chemicals, Arkema designs high value-added customized solutions. An activity which requires a true service culture, a close relationship with its customers, to always be in touch and to support them in the implementation of the products.

Technical expertise, sales networks and logistics networks – A global organization focused on the customer

Based on a worldwide organization and a sales and technical network (85 production facilities in the world, 10 R&D centers, etc.), the Business Units of the Group support their customers through many services which, from production to delivery, take into account quality, safety and environmental protection requirements:

  • Packaging, handling, storage, transportation, everywhere in the world
  • Different types of packaging, and each suited to a specific product, sample requests
  • Advice when ordering, but also about the handling and storage of the products
  • Raising awareness about quality and safety processes during the transportation and handling of the products outside of the Group’s sites
  • Analyzing technical issues related to production, formulation and transformation with ad hoc solutions
  • etc.

Constant technical support

Specialty chemicals are a highly complex field which requires a close and constant partnership with customers.

In the initial stages, listening to its customers is the Group’s foremost concern in its innovation process. In collaboration with its customers, it designs customized solutions which meet their requirements. Its R&D anticipates and tests the products of the future, detecting new opportunities for its customers.


In the latter stages, the specialists and experts of the Group support the implementation of the solutions in the field and on the customers’ premises.


Carelflex®: technical assistance at refineries and on petrochemical sites

Globally recognized in the refinery and petrochemical industries, the Carelflex® service includes a complete set of highly technical services dedicated to the implementation of DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) in the desulfurization units of the oil fractions.

The specialists of the Group work directly in the field, everywhere in the world, to advise engineers in charge of refineries and to train technicians in the handling of DMDS. The Carelflex® support teams are ISO 9001 certified and guarantee a very high quality of service.

In addition, customers of the Arkema group have access to permanent technical support, thanks to its Arkema Analytical Solutions service. Based in the United States, it provides customers with the analytical capability, and expertise of the Group to resolve problems and to move complex projects forward. This support structure offers a wide range of specialized services (analytical tests, databases, interdisciplinary services, etc.) to conduct in-depth investigations on most materials.