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Our core competencies

A long standing expertise in Amines manufacturing

Over the past 60 years, Arkema has developed core competencies in the manufacturing of amines by a variety of different processes, including alcohol and reductive amination of aldehydes and ketones. Our dedicated specialty amine multipurpose unit provides the flexibility to carry out many other reactions, including methylation, cyanoethylation, hydrogenation of nitriles, and high pressure hydrogenation.

Our R&D capacities at your side

Our research and development team is committed to the rapid definition of your process and sound development through our extensive and reactive pilot capability to commercial volumes. This tool will provide the correct answer to your  specific needs. Please, do not hesitate to contact us and let’s get started on finding the right amine for your specific application: we are open to partnerships.

A global supply chain

We are present globally, backed by local customer service, and a strong sales representatives network. Our logistic hubs with large storage capacities located close to our customer facilities (Europe, Americas, Asia Pacific) ensure short time deliveries.

Quality at the heart

Arkema has over 60 years of expertise in manufacturing amines at its facility in La Chambre, France. To meet your most stringent requirements towards excellence, our plant is ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified, and continually strives to achieve the highest standards in quality and efficiency.

An extensive choice of amines

Specialty Amines


We produce alkylamines, polyamines, asymetrical secondary amines and alkylalcanolamines, mainly used as building blocks for chemical synthesis or additives in various industries.

  • DEAPA (diethylaminopropylamine) -  CAS 104-78-9
  • DMAPAPA (dimethylaminopropylaminopropylamine) – CAS 10563-29-8
  • IPOPA (3-isopropoxypropylamine) – CAS 2906-12-9
  • MOPA (3-methoxypropylamine) - CAS 5332-73-0
  • EDIPA  Hünig Base (Ethyldiisopropylamine) - CAS 7087-69-5
  • EMA (ethylmethylamine) - CAS 624-78-2
  • TMPDA (tetramethylpropylenediamine) - CAS 110-95-2
  • B2A  (Sec-butylamine) - CAS 13952-84-6
  • APDEA (Aminopropyldiethanolamine) - 4985-85-7
  • Alpamine® N41 - CAS 35265-04-4
  • DPTA (Dipropylenetriamine) - CAS 56-18-8

Basic Alkylamines


Basic alkylamines are used essentially as building blocks or as additives in various industries: pharmaceutical, agrochemical, coatings,…

  • MEA 70% (Monoethylamine 70%, aqueous) - CAS 75-04-7‚Äč
  • DEA (Diethylamine) - CAS 109-89-7
  • TEA (Triethylamine) - CAS 12144-8
  • MIPA (Monoisopropylamine, anhydrous) - CAS 75-31-0
  • MIPA 70% (Monoisopropylamine 70% aqueous) - CAS 75-31-0
  • DIPA (Diisopropylamine) - CAS 108-18-9


DEA 85.png

Our DEHA grades are essentially used as oxygen scavenger for water treatment, or in polymerization as short stopper or killer catalyst.

  • DEHA 85% - CAS 3710-84-7
  • Term-N-ator® P

Foundry Amines


We offer amines catalysts for the manufacture of molds in foundry by the "PU cold box" process. Those amines can be used alone or blended.

  • DMEA (Dimethylethylamine) - CAS 598-56-1
  • DMIPA (Dimethylisopropylamine) - CAS 996-35-0
  • TEA (Triethylamine) - CAS 121-44-8

Amines used in a wide variety of industries

Adhesives, paints and resins

  • Specific hardeners or accelerators, neutralization agent or synthesis intermediate



  • Synthesis intermediates for API
  • Processing aids with high selectivity such as EDIPA
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  • Synthesis intermediates for a wide range of monomers
  • Shorstopper in the radical polymerization of rubbers
  • Term-N-ator® P as shortstopper and emergency killer in PVC.


Other markets

In addition to the markets mentioned, we provide amine solutions for the surfactant, textile, cosmetic, perfume, oil and petrochemicals, rubber and the electronic industries.

ARK_0024266_ORI (1).jpg


  • Synthesis intermediates for the manufacture of the active ingredient of many types of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides

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Water treatment

  • Oxygen scavenger in steam boilers preventing corrosion on the pipes
  • Neutralizing agent for carbonic acid in the water.


Foundry resins

  • Tertiary amines are used as catalyst in the manufacturing of molds based on sand core bound by polyurethane resins