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Pebax® elastomer

The best-performing elastomer on the market for the soles of sports shoes

To help athletes push their limits, Arkema has developed a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Pebax® (a polyether block amide) which has a unique combination of low weight, elasticity, comfort, toughness and flexibility.

Puma, The North Face, Mizuno… major brands have adopted Pebax® elastomer for their designs of “high performance” soles for soccer and rugby shoes, running and tennis shoes, even hiking boots.

Pebax® elastomer is also used in textile form for waterproof, breathable clothing.

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Pebax® elastomer downs the slopes

This versatile elastomer is also used in the manufacture of ski boot shells for major brands like Scarpa, Dynafit, Scott and Fisher, where its properties are all the more appreciated as they remain unaffected by very low temperatures. Compared to elastomers traditionally used in ski boots, such as TPU, Pebax® elastomer is 20% lighter.

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The Pebax® elastomer range was recently updated with innovations such as Pebax® Rnew, the first bio-based TPE, and transparent Pebax® Clear resin, which is expanding design and application possibilities.

Pebax® elastomer: how does it work?

The French blog Footpack, which specializes in soccer equipment, visited our research facility in Serquigny, Normandy (France). The purpose of the visit was to discover the benefits of using Pebax® elastomer in soccer shoes.

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