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We are producing and developing high performance, sustainable materials for more than 70 years now. Our objective is clear : to replace existing materials based on crude oil by materials that are bio-based and fully recyclable.

We have also demonstrated our commitment by currently building the world’s largest bio-factory for advanced polyamide 11 in Singapore, while also co-founding and driving “Pragati”, the world’s first sustainable castor farming program, and launching its flagship Virtucycle® program for partially and fully recycled advanced bio-polymers.

In order to steer its product offering ever more actively toward sustainable solutions, we have initiated a systematic assessment of its portfolio taking into account sustainability criteria, the Portfolio Sustainability Assessments (PSA).

Steering our solutions portfolio

Reducing the environmental footprint is one of the major expectations of our stakeholders and a strong commitment of the Group. In response, we deploy eco-design and circular economy development techniques, taking into account the use of our products by our customers and the use of manufactured products by end consumers.

We develop circular economy

Through the responsible management of our products, we ensure that our products do not adversely affect the health and safety of people or the environment. These aspects are taken into account right from the product design stage.

Our product stewardship policy

Arkema has defined five R&D platforms transversal to its activities, in response to the major economic and environmental challenges included in the UN sustainable development agenda.

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Our five innovation platforms

Natural resources management

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New energies

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Lightweight materials and design

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Electronic solutions

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Living comfort & home efficiency

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