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Suppliers - building lasting relationships

To establish lasting relationships with its suppliers, the Arkema group deploys responsible purchasing practices. The Arkema's code of conduct and business ethics and the code of conduct for suppliers are guiding this approach. Its suppliers are evaluated within the framework of "Together for Sustainability" initiative.

Arkema's commitment to its suppliers

The Arkema group is committed to demonstrating responsible behavior with regard to its suppliers, particularly through equitable contract arrangements. The Group’s approach is guided by the following principles:

  • Relationships with suppliers must be conducted in a spirit of trust, openness and compliance with contract terms that have been negotiated fairly, notably with regard to intellectual property.

Suppliers must be chosen based on their ability to satisfy a need at the optimal price. The Arkema group take into account in the selection process of a supplier its CSR performance and proposes to some of them a collaborative approach to improve the environmental footprint of the Arkema group.


Arkema's expectations concerning its suppliers

The Arkema group expects from its suppliers, namely:

  • that they share the principles of social, environmental and societal responsability as described in its code of conduct for suppliers.

  • that their products and services practices meet Group requirements for availability, quality, performance, safety, environmental responsibility and competitiveness

  • that they inform it from the origin of minerals said "conflict minerals" thus complying with the Arkema conflict minerals policy

download the code of conduct for arkema's  suppliers


Together for Sustainability (TfS), an initiative for evaluation of Arkema suppliers


Arkema  is a member of the initiative Together for Sustainability (TfS). TfS is comprised of chemical industry companies which share the same point of view for the assessment and audit of the CSR approach of their suppliers. Each chemical company participating to the program ask to some of its suppliers to be assessed by EcoVadis in terms of sustainable development performance. Some suppliers are also selected to be audited on their social responsability by independent organisms. The results of the assessments and the audits are accessible to all Together for Sustainability members.


For procurements of raw materials and logistics, the Group:

  • takes part in joint efforts to enhance the competitiveness and safety of the supply chain and the minimisation of the carbon footprint of the transports done on its account

  • conducts strategic analyses jointly with some suppliers that may lead to industrial investments and new product developments.

For procurements of goods and services, the Arkema group:

  • establishes framework agreements with strategic global suppliers,

  • consolidates its relationships with local suppliers and contractors, where appropriate.