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Boosting production yields with additives

Arkema offers a complete range of additives: Prochinor® (demulsifiers), Inipol® (inhibitors), Bactiram® (biocides), and Norust® corrosion inhibitors) increase the production yields of oil and gas installations and guarantee the quality of production by:

  • fighting corrosion in the plants,
  • limiting the presence of bacteria,
  • preventing the formation of moss, scale and other deposits.

Siliporite® molecular sieves

A result of decades of R&D and collaboration with major partners in the sector, the Siliporite® molecular sieve range fully meets the needs of our customers. Specialty molecular sieves are adsorbents which are highly efficient in the separation of xylene and paraffin isomers. These products are also essential for drying and purifying of petroleum and gas cuts.

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Extraction and transportation

Protecting the pipelines

The flexible pipelines (pipes, connections and valves) used for the transportation of oil and gas are under enormous strain. With Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), Rilsan® and Rilsan® Fine Powders biosourced polyamides, Arkema provides a wide range of solutions to protect them against corrosion, chemical attack, high temperatures (up to 130°C) and aging. These ultra high performance polymers are also routinely used for coating pipes and flexible tubes in oil and gas installations. In these conditions, they are subjected to extreme fluid pressure constraints.

Deep-water oil drilling equally demands materials that are highly resistant to temperature, abrasion, corrosive products and high pressure. Arkema meets these needs with its Kepstan® PEKK polymer. PEKK pipes are reinforced with carbon fiber, and are half as heavy as their metal counterparts while offering equivalent rigidity.

Focus on...Rilsan® PA11 bio-sourced thermoplastics

Derived from castor oil, Rilsan® PA11 is a polymer of 100% renewable origin. It was the first biosourced plastic approved by the US authorities for high pressure natural gas lines.

Australian Gas Light (AGL) also decided to use Rilsan® PA11 for its underground pipeline project, which has been designed to remain in operation for several decades.

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Refining: In-situ activation of hydrotreating catalysts

The most widely used sulfiding agent for in-situ activation of HDT catalysts is Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS).  Arkema manufactures it at a two world-scale production sites and ensure its seamless and safe supply throughout the world, enabling it to meet market demand. As the world’s leading producer of thiochemicals, Arkema’s manufacturing expertise assures the highest and the most stable purity DMDS. Our second generation DMDS formulated with a new proprietary fragrance Dimethyl Disulfide Evolution® E2 is widely adopted for use in catalyst sulfiding as well as anti-coking injections for ethylene plants.

Refiners are interested in getting the best activity and performance from their newly purchased hydrotreating and hydroprocessing catalysts in order to make the highest margins.


Carelflex® sulfiding services

Hydrotreating (HDT) catalysts are manufactured and shipped with the active metals in the passive “oxide” form.  These metals have to be properly converted to the active “sulfide” form to get the desired optimal performance.

Globally available, Arkema’s Carelflex® sulfiding services provide the turn-key solution for optimizing your catalyst activation offering an array of low, medium and high pressure pumping, as well as in-line analysis and real-time data transmission instruments for an optimized sulfidation process management.


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Detecting gas leaks

Natural gas and propane (including CNG and LPG) are naturally odorless, making them nearly impossible to detect in the event of a leak. To make these gases safe to use, they must be odorized.

Odorization is the process through which Arkema’s Gas Odorants are added to natural gas and propane. In the event of a gas leak, Gas Odorant makes the leak detectible before the concentration of gas becomes explosive. Arkema’s Gas Odorants make natural gas and LPG safer to use.

Arkema offers a range of Gas Odorants which are specially formulated to meet odorization requirements around the world, such as: Spotleak®, Vigileak®, Ethyl mercaptan, and Tetrahydrothiophene (THT). Arkema’s odorant supply chain has the flexibility to meet all customer needs; offering deliveries in bulk, minibulk, a range of specially designed returnable packaging, and one way packaging. These solutions are offered in combination with an exhaustive range of odorant specific technical services, trainings, and customer service.

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