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Purification and Separation

Whether in processing plants or refineries, certain measures are in place to ensure optimal operations to prevent unforeseen downtime and possible serious financial losses. In refinery operations, removing contaminants is essential to meeting product specifications, reducing the environmental impact and safeguarding the health of workers in facilities. In natural-gas plants, dehydration prevents corrosion and gas hydrates that reduce pipeline efficiency. The Siliporite® range is Arkema’s high-performance solution for drying and purification in Oil and Gas. The adsorbents are designed to ensure catalyst protection in refining units and separation of aromatic hydrocarbons.

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Hydroprocessing catalyst sulfiding solutions

Hydroprocessing catalysts in refineries need to be carefully sulfided and activated to ensure the best unit performances for producing on-specification transportation fuels for the entire catalyst life time. Arkema is the only company to manufacture DMDS Evolution® E2, the most efficient sulfiding agent. During the unit startup, the 68% sulfur contained in DMDS is converted into H2S at low temperature, which reacts immediately with the hydroprocessing catalyst and reduces all detrimental side reactions that could reduce final catalyst activity. Customers also benefit from our Carelflex® service offering top-quality equipment and expert teams to handle and inject DMDS in accordance with industry regulations and our customers’ standards. 


Heat transfer fluids

Thermal stability is a primary factor in ensuring maximum efficiency and long-lasting performance of heat transfer fluids. Imbalances in the fluid’s operational temperatures lead to sludge forming in the pipes, effectively reducing efficiency and compromising safety. The Jarytherm® range of heat transfer fluids is 100% synthetic, offering excellent performance for long periods of time. Compatible with all other thermal fluids and boasting a high flashpoint, the Jarytherm® range is ideally suited to refinery operations in remote, difficult-to-reach locations. Our customers also benefit from technical expertise for oil handling and in-service fluid analysis.

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