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Jarytherm® heat-transfer fluids

Product overview

Jarytherm® products are 100% synthetic, high quality, heat-transfer fluids. They offer high performance between -40 and 350°C in applications such as distillation, heating of boilers, heating and cooling of reactors or storage tanks. Jarytherm® fluids are commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical, plastics and rubber, industries, pharmaceutical or fine and specialty chemicals industries.

Geographic availability
  • Oceania
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Northern America
  • Middle East
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Oct 01 2018

Arkema announces a price increase of its Technical Fluids range

Effective immediately, Arkema announces a price increase of up to 15% on all products in its ...

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Why choose Arkema’s Specialty Technical Fluids

High performance synthetic heat transfer fluids operating in the range of -40° to 350 °C.

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High Performance Heat Transfer Fluid

  • High thermal stability thus limiting product decomposition

  • High flash point

  • Low cold viscosity, reducing energy requirements and issues in case of shutdown

  • Operates at atmospheric pressure over its temperature range, reducing capital expenditure

  • Compatibility with all other thermal fluids which limit full change of the loading

  • Well defined composition, easy to follow ageing

  • Technical expertize for oil handling and in-service fluid analysis

  • Reliable supply with high capacity storage tank in our plant

  • Worldwide presence with dedicated technically trained sales team

Client Benefits

Long-standing experience in heat transfer applications to meet the specific needs of every end-user around the world and ensure reliable operation.

Example of use for Polyamide production unit in China

System: boiler running on natural gas. Primary loop operating in the temperature range 300 – 320 °C, total charge 12 MT.


Plant has been operating up to 320°C with Jarytherm® DBT for the past 17 years without any issue, experience supported by annual oil analysis.

Jarytherm® Major Applications

  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

  • Plastic and rubber industry

  • Oil and Gas processing

  • Refining

  • Plastics and Polymer Manufacturing

  • Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing

  • Specialty and Fine Chemicals

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Biofuel Manufacturing

  • Energy recovery