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Board of Directors

Chaired by Thierry Le Hénaff, the Board of Directors defines the Group’s strategy and oversees its implementation.
Through its composition, the Board is attentive to maintaining a diversity of experiences, in particular as regards international experience, skills complementarity and a majority of independent directors.

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Specialized Committees

The Board of Directors has set up three permanent specialized Committees: the Audit and Accounts Committeethe Nominating, Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee and the Innovation and Sustainable Growth committee.
The role of the committees is to examine and prepare certain matters to be discussed by the Board of Directors. Accordingly, the committees put forward their opinions, proposals and recommendations to the Board.

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Executive Committee

Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman of the Board of Directors, also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. At his side, he has established an Executive Committee whose mission is to ensure the Group’s operational management.

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As part of its corporate governance approach, Arkema has decided to refer to the Corporate Governance Code for AFEP-MEDEF French listed companies.
In accordance with the provisions of the internal regulations of the Board of Directors, the Nominating, Compensation and Corporate Governance committee issues recommendations or propositions concerning the compensation of the Company’s directors.

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Related-party agreements

Information relating to the related-party agreements, pursuant to the article L. 22-10-13 of the French Commercial Code.

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2023 Universal Registration Document