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Helping to shape the future with our specialty materials

The world is experiencing a wave of profound and rapid change, and people have high hopes for the future.

Around the globe, actions are being taken to address social, environmental, climatic and economic challenges, to make our world a better place.

Leveraging their deep commitment to specialty materials, the women and men of Arkema are mobilized by their technological know-how and innovative spirit.

Materials science is our shared passion. It enables us to create new materials, develop promising solutions, and help shape the future we want:

  • By addressing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with high-performance, innovative materials;
  • By putting our expertise, our diversity, and the talent of our employees at the service of our partners and customers in their search for sustainable performance;
  • By acting as a responsible industry leader who places climate issues and natural resource management at the heart of its actions; and
  • By cultivating open dialogue with our stakeholders to better meet their expectations;

This is what unites us at Arkema. We reconcile social progress, environmental transition and economic development. And through our innovative materials, we’re riding this wave of change to create a more sustainable world.


Arkema. Innovative materials for a sustainable world

Our expertise in materials science is based on a vision of progress that we want to share and promote extensively. Thanks to our committed and passionate teams, rich in diversity and united around an ambitious, value-creative project, we are confident in our ability to develop promising technical solutions to support this wave of change in favor of a more sustainable planet, and thus contribute at our level to shape a better world.

The 5 values supporting our vision

The world is moving fast. This can sometimes be disorienting and create a lack of benchmarks. This is why our corporate culture is based on a set of strong values shared and committed to by everyone on a daily basis.


Solidarity is an historic value at Arkema. It's our ability to work as a team, It's a collective strength that outweighs individual talent. Putting our talent to work on a common project, under a single banner, "One Arkema".


Performance is the cornerstone of any business. Arkema is demanding in this area. Financial performance and operational performance, of course, but also a more qualitative and collective performance. It's a value that reflects excellence, and also the performance of our innovative materials. 


Simplicity is a way of being, a state of mind. It is the fact of remaining humble and knowing how to question oneself. It is a way of acting, all the more important in today's complex world. It's knowing how to manage your priorities and go to the essential, presenting things simply to be agile and efficient.


Empowerment is a contract of trust, that is, trusting the other person to be able to move forward and to live up to that trust. It is also the ability to know how to delegate and be convinced that everyone, at his or her level can and must make a difference.


The Company’s social role is increasingly evident; it cannot be confined within the Company's boundaries. It includes all stakeholders.
Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand, and Arkema must be exemplary in this area. Everyone must be involved because diversity is an essential asset for the Group to achieve its ambitions.

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