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With the investment in the JV Sunke (in partnership with Jurong Chemical, leader of acrylic acid in China) in 2014 and its acquisition in 2019, the acquisitions of Bostik in 2015, Den Braven in 2016 and CMP in 2017, the Group has achieved an ambitious acquisition program of companies with high potential.

In 10 years, Arkema has acquired revenues of nearly 4 billion euros. 

Bostik: zoom in on an iconic acquisition

Our acquisitions policy aims to focus on specialty chemicals: high tech companies or sectors producing high value-added materials, designed to provide custom-made solutions for our clients. Acquisition of these specialty activities enhances the technical know-how of the Group.

Over the coming years, Arkema will pursue its growth strategy based on bolt-on acquisitions by strongly focusing on specialties. They already represent 79% of its sales in 2019.

Arkema aims in particular to participate in the consolidation of the attractive, still-fragmented adhesives market, and will invest significantly in advanced materials (High-performance polymers and Performance ddditives).

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