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How I get referenced in Arkema?

Strategic purchasers handle the sourcing for sites in line with their needs. They are in charge of inviting potential vendors for enrollment when an appropriate opportunity exists.

What are selection criteria?

Arkema buyers follow a structured approach to identify our future partners. Beyond technical capabilities, it includes shared values and commitment to client satisfaction and responsible business. Award of business is subject to the signature of the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Is there a cost to register?

In compliance with Anti-Corruption Policy, Arkema doesn’t claim any payment for enrollment of prospects or submission of offers during the tender.

I got registered but was not yet contacted for opportunity. Is it ok?

Registration is a prerequisite but does not guarantee any award. Our purchasing professionals look for best-fit to the specifications. However, completing the registration process allows to consider your company in potential supplier pool for a future opportunity.

How long will my registration be valid?

There is no expiry date for the registration.

How I receive a purchase order?

Different scenarios are possible based on the type of purchase and geography. In general, we support digital means of communication whenever possible. In case of substantial turnover, EDI connection is expected.

How to invoice Arkema?

The invoice requirements are country-specific. Your local contact is the best suited to provide thorough guidelines. Independantly of location, some basic rules apply to ease treatment and facilitate the timely payment. Find out more about the invoicing requirements.

Does the size of the company matter for selection?

Our vision is to bring value to end user through innovative and locally adapted procurement. Arkema sourcing strategy involves development of partnerships at worldwide, regional and country levels, leveraging the diversity of the supplier base and providing growing opportunities to best performers.

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