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Turn cost into value

Purchasing function at Arkema is global with well-established presence on all continents. It focuses on supply of right products and services at the right price and right time. Specialists in logistics, direct and indirect sourcing collaborate on a daily basis to maximize benefits for customer, turning cost into value.

We consider suppliers as valuable contributors to our mission. That is why we build with them sustainable strategic partnerships that share our vision of cost effective, locally adapted and innovative procurement in strict respect of Arkema Supplier Code of Conduct and CSR commitments.

Download the Arkema Supplier Code of Conduct


Client value creation is based on three items:

Direct sourcing

Dedicated to purchases of raw materials, energy and packaging, Direct Sourcing targets products that meet the specifications and regulatory requirements.

As a responsible actor committed to sustainable development and renewable products and solutions, Arkema supports renewable raw materials and other sustainable development initiatives, and performs regular supplier audits to ensure quality for clients.

Indirect sourcing

In charge of wide range of purchasing categories and vendors, Indirect Sourcing is committed to competitive and agile buying.

We pursue ambitious targets of operational efficiency that we develop together with our suppliers for internal and external stakeholders

Logistics services

As part of the Supply Chain organization, Logistics procurement is seeking the most efficient solution to serve our customers while optimizing the cost and the CO2 footprint of our supply chain.

Safety as well as strict compliance with all local regulations are part of our DNA; we conduct periodic assessments of our suppliers with regards to their HSE policy and records.