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The identity of the holders of registered shares is known by the company.

These shares can be managed in two different ways:

  • Fully registered shares : the shares are managed by Uptevia, appointed by Arkema,
  • Administered shares : the shares are administered by the broker, chosen by the shareholder.


Benefits of registered shares :

  • Notices of annual general meetings are automatically mailed to you.
  • All registered shares held for at least 2 years enjoy double voting rights.

Benefits of fully registered shares

We have appointed Uptevia as agent to administer our fully registered shares.

This arrangement offers the following benefits:

  • no custody fees,
  • preferential brokerage fee rate: 0.25% excluding VAT of the gross amount of the transaction,
  • toll-free access : + 33 (0)1 55 77 41 17
  • dedicated website: Planetshares
  • orders by phone, mail, fax or internet.

How to transfer your shares ?

To transfer your shares as registered shares, you have to complete the registration form and submit it to your financial advisor.

Once Uptevia receives the shares, they will send you a certificate of account registration and will ask you to send the following:

  • a bank identification number for payments of dividends,
  • a brokerage service contract.

to the following adress:

Coeur Défense
Relations Actionnaires
90 - 110 Esplanade du General de Gaulle
92 931 PARIS LA DEFENSE Cedex.


Useful documents for pure registered shareholders

2023 Universal Registration Document