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INNOVATIVE FOR, our Annual Report

INNOVATIVE FOR is much more than an annual report. Every year this magazine features a large number of articles on our major innovations related to sustainable development issues.

You can for example find out how our materials help reduce the weight of cars and so cut down their fuel consumption, or how our materials can optimize the performance of electric batteries, etc.

couv fr.pngINNOVATIVE FOR 2019

PDF version

Digital and e-accessible version
Accessible for people with visual impairments, it has been tagged in full, so that it can be transcribed vocally by screen readers.

INNOVATIVE WITH, a new magazine “that connects the ideas of the future”

Discover INNOVATIVE WITH, a new magazine that sheds light on our unique R&D expertise in innovative materials and on our collaborations with leading experts - laboratories, SMEs, start-ups - on promising topics such as new technologies or new energies.

This first issue is dedicated to our electroactive and piezoelectric polymers. This materials with incredible properties will be totally integrated into our daily lives in the future. Thanks to them, car dashboards will become entirely tactile, connected clothing will be able to detect the slightest health anomaly, and paper-based electronic devices will enable real-time biological testing. These materials will revolutionize the electronics, medical and automotive sectors! Arkema unveils the state of the art of its collaborative R&D in this field.



INNOVATIVE WEBZINE : the online magazine for materials innovation

Click on our webzine for business content and a low-down on our key markets: expert dossiers, interviews, case studies.

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