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A better use of material properties

We provide support to choose the right material and the right printing technology based on your applications. We offer high-performance materials for 3D printing for highly demanding applications. 

Check our materials for chemical resistance, transparency, impact resistance, dielectric properties, heat resistance or energy return applications.

Chemical resistance - Kepstan® PEKK​

In this video, we tested the reaction of Kepstan® PEKK and PEI to MEK. After 8 hours of exposure to MEK, we observe how PEI printed piece has changed in color, while PEKK remains the same.

High-Performance Materials for FFF 3D printed Kepstan® PEKK withstands aggressive chemicals and suits extreme applications.

High Toughness and Impact resistance - N3xtDimension® liquid resin

UV/LED liquid resins are the top choice if you are looking to achieve tough, transparent and highly detailed parts.

Impact resistance - Rilsan® PA11​

In this video, we tested SLS printed Rilsan® PA11​ with PA12 for impact resistance.

Using the vertically installed tube and falling steel ball test, we can see that the PA12 piece has broken while PA11​ withstand the impact with the steel ball and the piece remains intact. SLS printed Rilsan® PA11 shows superior impact resistance event -30 °C low temperatures.

Dielectric resin ​- N3xtDimension® liquid resin

Our N3xtDimension® UV/LED liquid resins with dielectric properties are the material of choice for radio frequency technology applications.

Ductility – Rilsan® PA11​

In this video, we compared 3D-printed pieces of PA11 and PA12 for ductility. After repetitive manipulations like folding and unfolding, we see how the PA11 piece remains tough and flexible without breaking.

Use Rilsan ® PA11​ powder when you need ductility, rigidity and strength for your 3D printing application. 

Heat resistance​ - N3xtDimension® liquid resin

N3xtDimension® heat resistant UV/LED curing resins can resist up to 150°C without compromising on mechanical properties.

Energy return – Pebax® TPE ​

Pebax® TPE ​is an energetic elastomer that is perfect for applications requiring lightweight, flexibility and energy return.

High energy return means a high percentage of the energy put into flexing the polymer (i.e. the step of an athlete) is returned during rebound. Compared to TPU polymers, Pebax® elastomers exhibit much lower energy loss, even at very low temperatures.

Brochure: 3D printing unlocking the next revolution

  • How does additive manufacturing contribute to sustainability?
  • A leading portfolio of innovative solutions for each of the major 3D printing technologies
    • Liquid resins for energy curing
    • Thermoplastic powders for bed fusion
    • Thermoplastic pellets for filaments extrusion
Arkema is a materials company driving innovation for a more sustainable world. 3D printing is the technology that aims at high-efficiency in manufacturing through freedom of design, light weighting, rational material consumption and on-demand local production. The high-performance materials for 3D printing are evolving in tandem with advancement of additive manufacturing technology.


Case study - 3D printing 


3D printed and tailor-made: orthopedic insoles made with advanced bio-circular polyamide 11


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