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A market leading product portfolio

A leading portfolio of solutions for each of the major 3D printing technologies

Arkema offers its customers the most extensive range of materials dedicated to 3D printing. Led by flagship brands such as Sartomer’s N3xtDimension® resins, Rilsan® bio-based polyamides, Kynar® fluoropolymers, and Kepstan® PEKK resins, Arkema’s product offering spans all major additive manufacturing processes – UV curing, powder bed fusion and extrusion. Arkema can respond effectively to a broad list of specifications for mechanical and thermal resistance, flexibility, transparency, color and durability.

White paper: Expanding Industrial Applications of Additive Manufacturing with Advanced Material Solutions 

  • Why additive manufacturing is revolutionary for industries? 
  • What are the highest performing materials for additive manufacturing in industrial application?
  • How to democratize additive manufacturing? 

The high-performance materials for 3D printing are evolving in tandem with advancement of additive-manufacturing technology. The material research and development in additive manufacturing is rooted in the understanding of the past practices and bridging the gap between traditional and emerging technologies.

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A better use of material properties

The promises of 3D printing over traditional manufacturing techniques are well known: faster development cycle, freedom of design and personalization, lighter parts, less waste and less assembly, decentralized manufacturing… In other words, 3D printing helps manufacturers use less, longer and smarter.

Use less

How to use less material and get lighter parts through a combination of modeling and material innovation.

Use longer

How to use material longer through better resistance to impact, by introducing nanostructuration technology to engineer a new generation of photocurable resins.

Use smarter

How to combine continuous fiber technology and filament fabrication to further push the frontiers of lightweighting.


A deep understanding of end-user applications and needs

Thanks to Arkema’s experience in highly demanding markets, we connect world class innovators in equipment production with end-users.  We share our spirit of collaborative development globally, while supplying and servicing each customer locally.

A close connection with our customers has been the bedrock of our success.... which is also yours. As pioneers in extreme applications such as satellites and planes, world record-breaking sports shoes, the dental and medical fields, petrol transportation or the automotive sector, Arkema has grown its business in partnership with its customers. Challenges that are shared are solved faster. Some of the world’s most famous end-user brands count on Arkema as their trusted partner and supplier.

Global Centers of Excellence for 3D Printing

We design, with our partners, new materials and uncover new applications to help our customers realize the full potential of 3D printing. Our global network of centers of excellence and the expert team is ready for new codevelopment applications.

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