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Industrial adhesives

Bostik develops adhesive technologies and high value-added bonding solutions in five indistrial areas:

  • Nonwovens for hygiene and personal care products (adhesives in babies diapers, feminine care products, etc.)
  • Flexible packaging and industrial lamination
  • Rigid packaging
  • Bonding in transportation applications
  • Self-adhesive applications (labels, tapes).

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Adhesives for building and construction

Bostik assists construction professionals in their development or renovation projects with a wide range of solutions for:

  • Primers for floors (treatment of cracks, moisture barriers, screeds, etc)
  • Adhesives and finishing products for soft floor coverings, tiles and parquet flooring
  • Primers for walls, wallpaper and wall covering adhesives
  • Airtight and watertight sealants for buildings.

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Adhesives for DIY, repair, decoration & crafts

Bostik is a major player in today’s retail world and markets its glues in DIY and home improvement shops and retail outlets under strong local brands (Sader®, Quelyd®, Evo-Stik®, Fortaleza®). Its solutions are used to bond everyday objects, equip and decorate interiors, renovate floors and walls, etc.

Bostik allocates 2.7% of its sales to research. The Company runs three R&D centers (France, China, United States), as well as eleven application technical centers. In total, over 400 researchers work on next generation adhesives.


The R&D expertise that Arkema brings to us helps us develop ever more glues referred to as "smart adhesives", or multifunctional glues, which do a great deal more than just stick things together."

Innovation and the environment at the heart of its business

Innovation and the protection of human health and the environment lie at the heart of Bostik’s development, as the company focuses in particular on:

  • Renewable energies, by meeting the specific bonding and sealing requirements of manufacturers and installers of solar and wind power equipment
  • The manufacture of products that are less harmful and more environmentally sound (e.g. solvent-free adhesives and low-volatility organic compound adhesives).

Bostik boasts three cutting-edge technologies which ensure the company’s leading position and generate 60% of its sales:

  • Elastic bonding. This component is used in materials for the transport, construction and assembly industries to provide high resistance to impact and thermal variation
  • Polymer-modified binders (hydraulic binders) impart high adhesive power and crack resistance for construction applications (tiles, joints, insulating and sealing materials). They are used in external insulation systems to deliver greater energy efficiency in buildings
  • PSA hotmelt adhesives are present in particular in babies diapers, transparent labels, and aerospace components. These solvent-free adhesives are environmentally sound and ensure adhesion onto uneven surfaces.

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