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Arkema aims to generate sustainable and responsible growth for its businesses and to meet societal challenges by providing its customers with sustainable and innovative solutions that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

Three key overarching commitments

1. Deliver sustainable solutions driven by innovation

Arkema is rolling out a program to systematically assess its sales portfolio in light of environmental, social and economic criteria addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This assessment takes into account the entire lifecycle, from raw materials to the product’s end of life, and is focused on climate, circular economy, health and environment protection.

At end-2023, 84% of third-party sales had been assessed, of which 51% significantly contribute to the SDGs.

Combined with our 5 strategic research areas - namely natural resources management, new energies, electronics solutions, lightweight materials and design and home efficiency and insulation, this program makes it easier to target choices and actions to favor a sales portfolio addressing SDGs and market expectations, while supporting the transition to a more sustainable world.

2. Manage our activities as a responsible manufacturer

Reducing the environmental footprint

  • Climate:

As a responsible manufacturer, Arkema is taking action to limit global warming to 1.5 °C with an ambitious climate plan aligned with the Paris Agreement and according to the recognized SBT (Science Based Target) methodology.

Thus the Group committed to reduce its greenhouses gases emissions:

  • by 48.5% by 2030 compared with 2019 for Scopes 1+2
  • by 54% by 2030 compared with 2019 for Scope 3 


  • Environment:

In connection with this new climate plan, Arkema has decided to revise its target for reducing its net energy purchases (1) compared to 2012 by aligning it with the 2030 long-term target:

  • Energy (net purchases): 25% reduction in consumption intensity (versus 15% in 2025). In 2023, there was a 9% reduction.

Arkema has also revised its two other strategic environmental objectives (1) set for 2025 but achieved as early as 2018, thanks to the initiatives undertaken by the Group to reduce its environmental footprint. These new ambitious targets have also been set for 2030:

  • Air (VOC emissions): 65% reduction in intensive emissions (51% reduction in 2023)
  • Water (COD emissions): 65% reduction in intensive emissions (62% reduction in 2023)

Reduce the environmental footprint

(1) Measured in EFPI (Environmental Footprint Performance Indicator)

Health and Safety

The Group’s commitment to safety has been materialized in three targets for 2030 which reflect the Group’s willingness to continuously improve its performance in this area.

  • Reduce the total recordable injury rate (TRIR) to less than 0.8.
  • Reduce the process safety event rate (PSER) to less than 2.
  • Extend the peer observation program to every Group site.
Industrial safety at Arkema

3. Cultivate an open dialogue and close relations with our stakeholders

Arkema is committed to creating sustainable value not only for the Group but for its entire ecosystem of stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, employees and partners.

To validate its CSR approach, Arkema carries out material assessments on a regular basis. The last one achieved in 2022 allowed to update the prioritary CSR challenging while also taking into accounts the expectations of its internal and external stakeholders.

A solid CSR policy recognized by extra-financial ratings

For several years now, Arkema is strongly engaged in a process to improve its CSR performance, with the aim of being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

The Group’s CSR approach is regularly assessed by extra-financial rating agencies. The results are especially of interest to the investors and customers.

These ratings confirm the adequacy of Arkema’s CSR approach and enable Arkema to rank among the best performing companies in its sector.

More details about extra-financial ratings

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