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This product stewardship process, which in certain aspects exceeds regulatory requirements, engages stakeholders across the product chain, from raw material suppliers to end-customers

The Group expresses its commitment to product stewardship in its Social Commitment Charter and its Hygiene, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy and by endorsing the International Council of Chemical Associations’ (ICCA) Responsible Care® initiative. 

Concrete actions to reflect this commitment include: 

  • actively contributing to advancing scientific knowledge to better take into account the hazards and risks relating to products and their use; 
  • aim to reduce health, safety and environmental risks while designing products; 
  • managing risks in existing products ranges that could lead to substitution, taking into account the entire value chain so that all aspects are considered, from raw materials to the product’s end of life, including waste treatment and the circular economy; 
  • communication and clear information for product users.

Leveraging its organization and the scientific and regulatory expertise acquired over many years, Arkema ensures that product-specific HSE roadmaps are defined by country and are adapted to local conditions, thus helping to drive continuous improvement and deepen its knowledge of each product’s features and conditions of use.  

In addition, the Group uses the Arkema Integrated Management System (AIMS) to manage HSE risks related to product modifications, particularly changes to product composition and manufacturing processes. 

A training module on product stewardship has also been introduced internally and added to the training program for Business Lines and Logistics teams. 

PFAS: towards the substitution of fluorinated additives

Arkema has voluntarily embarked on a process of replacing fluorinated additives used in small quantities in the manufacture of certain products.


Regulatory product management 

Regulatory compliance plays a key role in product safety for customers, the entire value chain and stakeholders.

In recent years, Arkema has notably deployed the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and implemented REACH, the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals regulations, which came into effect in 2007 to make the production and use of chemicals safer throughout the European chemicals industry.

Outside Europe, Arkema markets its chemicals in accordance with national and regional regulations, as applicable.

Product information

Arkema relies on an in-house team of expert toxicologists and ecotoxicologists which conducts product hazard studies and works closely with regulatory experts to assess risks in normal conditions of use.

The findings are shared across the Group and externally in various forms, such as Safety Data Sheets and labeling. They are more and more forwarded to poison control centers.

Our different policies

Arkema has adopted clear policies regarding animal welfare, medical devices, as well as conflict minerals.

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