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The appointed bodies make the information available to poison control centers so that they can provide medical advice rapidly in an emergency situation. Under the new provisions of the CLP regulation, which came into effect in March 2017, these companies will be required over time to:

  • use a harmonized format for the transmission of information via a portal hosted by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This EU-wide format will gradually replace national requirements for the transmission of information; and
  • generate a unique formula identifier (UFI) for each formula, which must be included on the product label. This establishes an unambiguous link between the product placed on the market and the information relating to the mixture, enabling accurate and rapid identifi cation of the product’s formula.

Accurate identification is essential in order to provide the appropriate medical advice in an emergency.

With the help of its teams and its IT infrastructure, the Group took the measures necessary to meet the first deadline in January 2021 and continues its activities for the next deadline, set for 1 January 2024.