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A comprehensive range of Gas Odorants: tailored solutions for your gas distribution network

A complete set of odorant solutions

With expertise in sulfur chemistry spanning over 50 years, Arkema is the world’s n° 1 for gas odorants, and offers the largest product range for the odorization of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We provide odorants for the following applications:

  • Pure THT or Spotleak® blends for natural gas and/or biogas/biomethane transmission /distribution networks
  • Ethyl Mercaptan or Vigileak® blends for LPG or propane
  • Codetect® blend for CO odorization in steel manufacturing
  • Sulfides or blends for odorization of industrial gases (O2, inert gases, H2, ethane…)

Why partner with Arkema for your gas odorant needs?

Our gas odorant service, Odorflex®

As an odorant producer we can respond to your questions around odorant delivery and handling with our more than 60 years experience in this market.

Example of services within our Odorflex® service package:

  • Odorant handling training, from basic information about odorization to spill drills
  • Technical recommendations / auditing for new installations
  • New pipeline conditioning
  • Odorant analysis, on site operations for sampling, repacking, redistribution, odor control
  • Odorflex® OED: odorant equipment decommissioning or cleaning before inspection.

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  • Want to learn more about the benefits of using Odorflex for your gas utilities?

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Global logistics and facilities

Arkema is present worldwide through a dense network of blending plants, logistics hubs and specialized distributors to insure a safe and leak proven delivery in time.

More information on Arkema Gas odorants in North America:

See our distribution network in the U.S.A

Packaging offer: towards waste reduction

We offer a large fleet of returnable packaging: drums, semi-bulk-containers (SBC) or iso-container is available.

Bulk delivery is handled through trucks or iso containers. The deliveries are performed usually in closed loop through dry break gas and liquid connections to prevent odorant leakages and odor smell around the injection stations. 

The implementation of these processed is part of the necessity to reduce the impact of the activity on resources and to increase control of effluents and exposure.

The Arkema group is signatory to the Responsible Care® Global Charter of the International Council of Chemical Associations. We are committed to Safety beyond our regulatory requirements. 

Arkema Odorants is also an active member in ISO committee TC193 WG 5 and of the American Gas Association (AGA), to promote odorization best practices.

Always refer to our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) when using our products.

Odorants are added as safety measure to prevent risks linked to a gas leak whether it is asphyxiation, fire, explosion, poisoning.

Be aware that the odorant chemical added to gas to make it detectable may not warn of a gas leak or the presence of gas to all persons in every situation.

Situations where the odorant in an odorized gas may be undetectable include:

  • Odor intensity may fade or be eliminated for a variety of chemical and physical causes, including the oxidation of odorant (mercaptans) on iron oxyde, adsorption onto the internal surface of pipes or appliances, or absorption into condensates.

Wide range of factors may influence such losses from gas quality to gas network construction material and process conditions (pressure, flowrate, temperature):

  • Contact with soil in case of underground leakages may de-odorize or remove odorant from the gas
  • Some people have a diminished ability, or inability to smell the stench of those odorants (anosmia). Factors that negatively affect a person’s sense of smell include age, gender, medical conditions, and alcohol/tobacco usage
  • The stench of odorized gas may not awaken sleeping persons
  • Other odors may mask or hide the stench. ( unusual impurity profiles from biogas or shale gas)
  • Olfactory adaptation or olfactory fatigue, when the exposure to the odorant lasts and person gets used to this level of intensity.

Gas detectors can be used as an extra measure of safety for detecting gas leaks, especially under conditions where the odorant alone may not provide an adequate warning. Gas detectors emit a loud, shrill sound when gas is present and do not depend on sense of smell.

Ask us for educational support to educate yourself, your employees, and your customers with the content of this warning and other important facts associated with the so-called “odor-fade phenomenon."