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Ethyl Mercaptan(EM) LPG odorant

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Propane is a colorless and odorless gas, therefore an odorant, currently ethyl mercaptan, is added to allow for its detection
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Le propane est un gaz incolore et inodore, c'est pourquoi un odorant, actuellement l'éthylmercaptan, est ajouté pour permettre sa détection.

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Chemical name : EthylMercaptan
Common name : Mercaptan
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Arkema's propane odorant offering

Arkema produces Ethylmercaptan in Beaumont, Texas, from which we serve propane odorization needs in North and South America. We also store and re-package Ethyl Mercaptan in our Rotterdam plant (The Netherlands).
We also offer alternatives to Ethyl Mercaptan for odorization of propane and butane with our Vigileak® product line and our grades Vigileak® 7030 and Vigileak® Z grades, a new innovative range of odorants offering superior chemical stability to Ethyl Mercaptan and easier handling.
Let us know if you need help determining the best odorant for your application, Arkema can help!

Ethyl Mercaptan is also used in agrochemical synthesis to make Phorate and Clethodim, as well as many other pesticides. Contact Arkema, a worldwide Ethyl Mercapan supplier! 


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