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Gas odorants

Since natural gas is odorless, odorants are added as a safety precaution for leaks that would otherwise go undetected. Odorization adds a distinctive smell without altering the physical or chemical properties of the gas. Arkema’s Spotleak® odorant line comprises a comprehensive range of mercaptan and sulfide blends specifically designed for use by natural and industrial gas distribution companies. Our innovative Vigileak® odorants offer high chemical stability in lower doses than the traditional ethyl mercaptan. Our high-performance THT compound conforms to ISO standards for natural gas odorization to ensure the best and safest solution for your odorization requirements. Additionally to leading the industry in odorant delivery, packaging and product offer, Arkema goes further by providing its customers with the highest level of support related to odorisation of gas.

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Gas transmission piping system

Durability, reliability and safety are the results that we have sought to deliver to our customers over the years of extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. For more than 40 years, Rilsan® PA11 resin has been a material of choice for corrosion free, hydrocarbon transport systems. After years of dedicated research, development, testing and evaluation we introduced a revolutionary grade of Rilsan® PA11 which can be processed into a plastic pipe with exceptional performance characteristics. This bio-based polyamide sourced from sustainable castor beans combines the technological advantages of plastic pipe with the pressure capabilities of steel pipe. Rilsan® PA11 is the leader in performance and it can increase the value, safety and reliability of your pipeline assets at a lower cost, requiring no cathodic protection, with costeffective installation techniques, similar to that of PE piping.


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