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Odorants for gases and liquids

Product overview

We offer the world's largest comprehensive range of odorants for gases and associated local services for natural gas (THT, Spotleak®), LPG (ethylmercaptan, Vigileak®) and industrial gases including exhaust gases in the steel industry and inert gases (Codetect®, etc.)
Our odorants supply includes a full solution: odorants delivery in trucks, bulk, different returnable or one way packaging together with an exhaustive range of technical services Odorflex® including safety and products trainings, odorant analysis, technical recommendations etc.

Geographic availability
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Northern America
  • Oceania

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A comprehensive range of gas odorants tailored for your gas distribution network

A complete set of odorant solutions

With expertise in sulfur chemistry spanning over 70 years, Arkema is the world’s n° 1 for gas odorants, and offers the largest product range for the odorization of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We provide odorants for the following applications:
  • Pure THT or Spotleak® blends for natural gas and biogas (biomethane) transmission and distribution networks
  • Ethyl Mercaptan or Vigileak® blends for LPG or propane
  • Codetect® blend for CO odorization in steel manufacturing
  • Sulfides or blends for odorization of industrial gases (O2, inert gases, H2, methane…)

Arkema gas odorants: a worlwide strategy, ensuring security and safety

Arkema is present worldwide through a dense network of blending plants, logistics hubs and specialized distributors to insure a safe and leak proven delivery in time. We constinously work to increase our distribution network to provide the highest standards of security of supply and quality services worlwide.

More information on Arkema Gas odorants in North America:


The packaging offer that fits your needs

Towards waste reduction

  • We offer a large fleet of returnable packaging: drums, semi-bulk-containers (SBC) or iso-container is available. Bulk delivery is handled through trucks or iso containers.
  • The deliveries are performed usually in closed loop through dry break gas and liquid connections to prevent odorant leakages and odor smell around the injection stations. 
  • The implementation of these processed is part of the necessity to reduce the impact of the activity on resources and to increase control of effluents and exposure.

Arkema, is the gas odorant partner you can trust!

Our gas odorant service, Odorflex®

As an odorant producer, with more than 70 years experience in this market, we can respond to any technical questions you may have around odorization, odorant delivery and handling.

Here are some example of services included in our Odorflex® service package:
  • Odorant handling training, from basic information about odorization to spill drills
  • Technical recommendations/auditing for new installations
  • New pipeline conditioning
  • Odorant analysis, on site operations for sampling, repacking, redistribution, odor control
  • Odorflex® OED: odorant equipment decommissioning or cleaning before inspection.