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Each year, a large number of projects are put forward by employees. The case files are reviewed in January by an international selection committee which comprises Arkema representatives from around the world, as well as HR and Communication representatives, and the Group’s ethics mediator.

Since its creation in 2016, 88 educational projects led by associations have been selected for deployment in 16 countries. The employees behind these projects come from 11 countries where the Group operates.

By supporting projects and the work of thousands of volunteers involved in educational, humanitarian and teaching issues in countries where Arkema operates, the Arkema Fund helps to revitalize these regions while supporting.

Some of the associations singled out by the Arkema Fund:

L'oiseau bleu

Based in the Eure region (France), this association has set itself the target of supporting autistic people and their families and of fostering a spirit of solidarity by actively promoting the “integrated living” concept.

The association is involved in a number of areas, including administrative and moral support for families, referral to care professionals in a position to welcome people who have autism, or even running an experimental class for six autistic children within the local school in Poses.


The Proxité association is dedicated to the success of young people and to strengthening social ties. At the heart of the French association is mentoring: regular and long-term personalized support for young people, mostly from priority districts, from the 6th grade upwards, provided by volunteers from the world of work, the “sponsors”.

By bringing together people of all ages and from all walks of life, Proxité creates the conditions for relationships based on mutually enriching interaction, and moments of sharing and exchanges on schooling, study and career guidance, professional or vocational integration, and personal experiences.

Graines de joie

The population of Marseille's 1st arrondissement is faced with situations of extreme poverty. Graines de Joie works precisely so that disadvantaged children too can open up prospects for the future in our society.

The support of the Arkema Fund in 2018 and 2022 has enabled us to provide educational support for children in this disadvantaged district of Marseille.


In India, Asha-Jyothi is a US non-profit organization manned by volunteers. Its work focuses on addressing the needs of disadvantaged people by giving them access to education and healthcare. Its values are strength, commitment, collaboration, and integrity.

The 3 projects supported by Arkema from 2019 to 2021, have improved the living conditions of children in 3 schools in India with the repair of facilities and the purchase of new equipment (computers, printers, bicycle shelters, sportswear, etc.).

Cooperative for Education

Through its Rise Youth Development program, this American association aims to make Guatemalan young women more self-sufficient and educate them by allowing them to take up educational programs in spite of financial and cultural obstacles.

Funding from the Arkema Fund will enable an additional 269 young women to benefit from the Rise Youth Development program.

Tutti per Uno

Tutti Per Uno (All for one) is an Italian association striving to support and assist educationally and socially young people suffering from neuropsychological cognitive problems and developmental problems.

Funding from the Arkema Fund will help establish a program to help fight the bullying of young people with attention deficit disorder in the Pescara Province in the Abruzzo region.

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