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DMDS Evolution® E2, the most efficient sulfiding and anticoking polysulfide

Discover the Product range DMDS sulfiding & anti-coking solution.
Product overview

Dimethyl disulfide, DMDS Evolution® E2, only available from Arkema, is a breakthrough formulation for a better user experience on-site, providing a pleasant fragrance. It is successfully adopted as the standard sulfiding and anticoking agent of choice at refineries, renewable diesel plants, Propane and Butane dehydrogenation units (PDH, BDH) and steamcrackers.

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With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing DMDS, and world class industrial sites in 2 different continent, Arkema is the worldwide leader in Dimethyl Disulfide production and related services. Its unique global logistic footprint ensures the shortest and most reliable supply to major steamcrackers and refineries. DMDS Evolution® E2 production is ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified. 

Arkema offers a full package service for catalyst sulfiding application at refineries, called Carelflex®, which consists of DMDS Evolution® E2 delivery, experienced teams as well the latest monitoring and injection equipment. 

DMDS Evolution® E2 composition:

DMDS Evolution® E2 properties:

  • Liquid over a wide range of temperature:DMDS remains liquid in a large range of temperature (from -85 °C to 109 °C), which makes it easy to handle, transfer and inject. 
  • The highest sulfur content on the market: With a sulfur content of 68 %,  DMDS Evolution® E2 is the standard sulfur carrier available to reduce coking in your steamcrackers and for hydrotreating catalysts sulfiding in refineries.  
  • Outstanding performance with superior scent: DMDS Evolution® E2 is a breakthrough formulation for outstanding odor control and safe handling operations. It provides a pleasant fragrance. 
  • High solubility: DMDS evolution® E2 shows a high solubility in hydrocarbons for a perfect reaction on all hydrotreatment catalysts.   
  • Perfect vaporization profile: With a boiling point of 109 °C, DMDS Evolution® E2 ensures an homogenous distribution in all steamcracking processes. 
  • Oustanding performances for Hydrodesulfurization, anti-coking applications for both steamcracker and propane & butane dehydrogenation, as well as hydrotreated vegetable oil units.


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