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DMDS Evolution® E2, the most efficient sulfiding and anticoking polysulfide

Discover the Product range DMDS sulfiding & anti-coking solution.
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Dimethyl disulfide, DMDS Evolution® E2, only available from Arkema, is a breakthrough formulation for a better user experience on-site, providing a pleasant fragrance. It is successfully adopted as the standard sulfiding agent of choice at refineries and renewable fuel plants, as well as an anticoking agent for PDH and BDH (Propane and Butane dehydrogenation units) and steamcrackers.

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Sep 27 2023
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Arkema strengthens its positions in the United States in the production of key additives for the biofuel value chain

In a fast-growing biofuel market, driven by the demand for sustainable growth, in particular ...
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With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing DMDS, and world class industrial sites in 2 different continent, Arkema is the worldwide leader in DMDS (Dimethyl Disulfide) production and related services. Its unique global logistic footprint ensures the shortest and most reliable supply to major steamcrackers and refineries. DMDS Evolution® E2 production is ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-certified. 

Arkema offers a full package service for catalyst sulfiding application at refineries, called Carelflex®, which consists of DMDS Evolution® E2 delivery, experienced teams as well the latest monitoring and injection equipment. 

What is dimethyl disulfide, and what are its physical properties?

DMDS (Dimethyl disulfide) Evolution properties

What are the chemical properties of DMDS Evolution® E2?

  • Liquid over a wide range of temperature:DMDS (Dimethyl Disulfide) remains liquid in a large range of temperature (from -85 °C to 109 °C), which makes it easy to handle, transfer and inject. 
  • The highest sulfur content on the market: With a sulfur content of 68 %,  DMDS Evolution® E2 is the standard sulfur carrier available to reduce coking in your steamcrackers and for hydrotreating catalysts sulfiding in refineries.  
  • Outstanding performance with superior scent: DMDS Evolution® E2 is a breakthrough formulation for outstanding odor control and safe handling operations. It provides a pleasant fragrance. 
  • High solubility: DMDS evolution® E2 shows a high solubility in hydrocarbons for a perfect reaction on all hydrotreatment catalysts.   
  • Perfect vaporization profile: With a boiling point of 109 °C, DMDS Evolution® E2 ensures an homogenous distribution in all steamcracking processes. 
  • Oustanding performances for Hydrodesulfurization, anti-coking applications for both steamcracker and propane & butane dehydrogenation, as well as hydrotreated vegetable oil units.

How does DMDS Evolution® E2 compare to other sulfiding and anti-coking agents on the market?

When compared to other sulfiding and anti-coking agents, DMDS Evolution® E2 stands out for its reactivity, dosage efficiency, anti-coking performance, stability, environmental impact, versatility, and safety considerations. These unique properties make DMDS Evolution® E2 a compelling choice for industries seeking effective solutions hydrotreatment catalyst sulfiding and steamcrackers anti-coking challenges.
  • Reactivity: DMDS Evolution® E2 exhibits high reactivity, enabling efficient sulfiding of catalysts and surfaces. 
  • Dosage Efficiency: DMDS Evolution® E2 typically requires lower dosages compared to other sulfiding agents, thanks to a higher sulfur content. This characteristic allows for cost-effective catalyst sulfiding and steamcrackers anti-coking treatment , reducing chemical consumption and logistic expenses. Moreover, with its low viscosity, DMDS is easier to inject than other sulfiding agents.
  • Anti-Coking Performance: DMDS Evolution® E2 demonstrates excellent anti-coking properties by preventing the formation of coke deposits on steamcrackers furnace coil surfaces. Its protective layer inhibits coke formation, extending the furnace lifespan and improving process efficiency.
  • Stability: DMDS Evolution® E2 remains stable under normal storage and handling conditions, ensuring its effectiveness over time. It can be stored and transported without significant degradation or loss of reactivity.
  • Environmental Impact: DMDS Evolution® E2 is a soil biodegradable compound, minimizing its environmental footprint. It naturally breaks down and does not persist in the environment. Furthermore, its high efficency contributes to reduced chemical waste generation and lower the logistic carbon footprint.
  • Versality: DMDS  Evolution® E2 finds applications across a wide range of industries, including refineries, steamcrackers, biofuels, iron steel mills as well as  crop protection. It effectively addresses sulfiding and anti-coking needs in diverse processes, it is  also a good intermediate for sulfonyls and shows interesting disinfecting propoertis  as well, all these performancesshowcase its versatility.
  • Safety Considerations: Arkema thiochemical know-how makes DMDS Evolution® E2 safe to operate. It has a high flashpoint, reducing the risk of flammability during storage and handling. Arkema provides a full range of customized packaging and connections that will enable a safe handling adapted to every industrial environment. 

Which sulfiding agents to choose for hydrotreatment catalyst activation?

The choice of the sulfiding agent is the primary step, to optimize the sulfiding process. For hydrotreatment catalysts activation, when comparing two different sulfur compounds  available on the marketDMDS is well headed, in terms of benefits: it is the sulfiding agent with the highest sulfur content that provides the highest activity.


What are the DMDS Evolution® E2 applications?

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