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DMDS Evolution® E2 for hydrodesulfurization catalyst sulfiding

Discover the Product range DMDS sulfiding & anti-coking solution.
Product overview

Arkema is the only company to manufacture DMDS Evolution® E2 (Dimethyl Disulfide), the most performant sulfiding agent, and provide direct turn-key catalyst sulfiding services worldwide with Carelflex®.
DMDS Evolution® E2 is the most effective sulfiding agent to be used for insitu hydroprocessing catalyst activation during startup of the unit. Hydrotreating catalyst (HDT) must be converted to the “Sulfide” forms to get the desired activity. DMDS Evolution® E2 is easy to pump, fully soluble in any hydrocarbon and has a high sulphur content to minimize delivered quantity and be cost effective.

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Reach the highest hydrotreating catalyst activity

Arkema was the first company to introduce the “Efficient Sulfur” concept, in which all the sulfur present in the sulfiding agent DMDS (68 % sulfur) is efficiently converted to H2S on the hydrotreating catalyst under standard sulfiding conditions. Indeed, coking phenomena can interfere with the catalyst activation as it creates a physical barrier to actives sites and reduces catalyst activity. The choice of the sulfiding agent structure plays a key role to the catalyst life cycle.

As a result, DMDS Evolution® E2 (Dimethyl Disulfide) has become the most widely used catalyst sulfiding chemical globally for hydrodesulfurization catalyst sulfiding in-situ.

In parallel, Arkema offers its expertise with Carelflex® service which includes top quality equipment and dedicated and flexible teams to handle and inject DMDS (Dimethyl Disulfide). Carelflex® provides refineries with the benefits of an optimal on time sulfiding with DMDS Evolution® E2.

DMDS Evolution® E2 properties:

  • Liquid over a wide range of temperature: DMDS (Dimethyl Disulfide) remains liquid in a large range of temperature (from -85 °C to 109 °C), which makes it easy to handle, transfer and inject. 
  • The highest sulfur content on the market: With a sulfur content of 68 %,  DMDS Evolution® E2 is the standard sulfur carrier available to reduce coking in you steamcrackers and for catalysts sulfiding. 
  • Outstanding performance with superior scent: DMDS Evolution® E2 is a breakthrough formulation for outstanding odor control and safe handling operations. It provides a pleasant fragrance. 
  • High solubility: DMDS evolution® E2 shows the best solubility in hydrocarbons for a perfect reaction on all hydrogenation catalysts.  
  • Perfect vaporization profile: With a boiling point of 109 °C, DMDS Evolution® E2 ensures an homogenous distribution in all steamcrakers tubes.

DMDS Evolution® E2 benefits for hydroprocessing catalysts activation


More fluid injection over a wide range of process temperature.


DMDS Evolution® E2 is a breakthrough formulation for a better smelling DMDS sulfiding agent. This is the ultimate solution to improve working condition with better odor control and pleasant fragrance


Maximizes hydrodesulfurization catalyst activity thank to ideal decomposition profile into H2S at low temperature. DMDS shows the best catalyst activation levels and improves hydroprocessing units' profitability.


Minimizes coke formation on the catalyst for long life cycles.


Reduces operation logistics, minimize costs and provides better sulfidings operation control with less sulfiding agent to be ordered and handle at the refinery.


Approved by all catalyst manufacturers and technology licensors. With more than 300 sulfiding operations per year, DMDS Evolution® E2 references are available for any unit type and technology.

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