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Purification and Separation

The removal of water vapors is essential to preventing the corrosion and gas hydrates that hinder pipeline efficiency. Preventing the formation of contaminants helps with meeting product specifications and ensuring that petrochemical production continues without incident. Arkema and its major industry partners spent years researching and developing the Siliporite® range of high-performance molecular sieves designed to facilitate the drying and purification of petroleum and gas cuts. Our molecular sieves ensure catalyst protection and separation of aromatic hydrocarbons, removing contaminants and safeguarding the health of your personnel.
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Anti-coking solutions

Steamcrackers that produce olefins and aromatics suffers of side reactions such as carbon monoxide (CO) formation and carbon deposit on the cracking coils. Excess of CO leads to off spec ethylene and fast coking reduces cracking furnace run lengths and reduce annual plant productivity. Arkema supplies DMDS Evolution® E2, an additive of steamcrackers feedstocks, to mitigate these side reactions thanks to a clean decomposition to H2S and methane inside the process. Moreover, DMDS is easily vaporized into the process for a homogenous and optimized distribution and its 68% sulfur content minimizes the sulfur additive to order. Because of all these reason, Arkema’s DMDS has become the sulfur additive standard for ethylene producers and is approved by all technology licensors.

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Heat transfer fluids

A heat transfer fluid’s performance and efficiency depend on its thermal stability. In order to ensure maximum efficiency over long periods of time, the fluid’s operational temperatures must be kept stable since imbalances lead to obstructions forming in the pipes, which in turn impacts overall efficiency and creates a hazardous work environment. Arkema’s Jarytherm® heat transfer fluids are compatible with all other thermal fluids and offer our petrochemical customers high performance levels over the long term. These fluids are 100% synthetic with a high flashpoint, making them ideal for use in remote petrochemical operations. We also offer our customers the benefit of technical support for oil handling and the analysis of in-service fluid. 
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