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Offshore platforms SURF liners

Subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF) constitute vital offshore connections between subsea equipment and floating production platforms. These links are expected to withstand massive pressure and extreme conditions to ensure the continued supply of services under water. Arkema’s wide range of high-performance polymers including Kynar® PVDF and Rilsan® PA11 offers Oil and Gas customers the resistance and flexibility necessary for offshore operations. Currently in use as liner for pipes oil and gas installations, these solutions provide excellent protection from extreme heat, abrasion and the corrosive effects of certain chemicals. 


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Offshore seismic acquisition cables

The acquisition of seismic data involves a series of receiver configurations on the sea floor linked by cables gathering and recording seismic signals. Rilsan® PA11 is the recommended solution for offshore seismic acquisition cables thanks to its outstanding qualities resisting intense pressure and harsh conditions in which these cables must operate. Rilsan® PA11 shows high dimensional stability and creep resistance, as well as tremendous resistance to seawater and strong abrasion. In addition, its compatibility with other materials including fiber optics, extruded foams, and sensitive electronic equipment make it ideal for seismic acquisition applications.  

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Reinforced thermoplastic pipes

While the purchase cost of composite components sometimes exceeds that of corrosion-resistant metals, the relative ease of handling and installation of the composite alternative contributes to lowering total cost of ownership. The high-performance, ultra-resistant reinforced thermoplastic pipes made from Rilsan ® PA11, Kepstan® PEKK and Rilsan ® PA11 polymers offer Oil and Gas customers a lighter, more flexible alternative to their metal counterparts. In addition, the lightweight nature of the pipes allows delivery in rolls, making for quicker, easier assembly and installation than conventional steel pipes.

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Metal coating for onshore platforms

Oil and gas production and test lines are subjected to enormous amounts of chemical stress for extended periods. The choice of materials for these lines will impact costs, production time, industry compliance, installation time, maintenance costs and many other factors. Metal tube coated high-performance materials like Rilsan® Fine Powders have been proven to withstand the rigorous demands of the industry, offering extended longevity and higher resistance to the damaging effects of corrosion, chemicals, abrasion and moisture absorption.