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Siliporite® for Petrochemistry

Product overview

Arkema has decades of experience in working with various petrochemical companies, major licensors and engineering companies involved in the petrochemical business in the zeolite adsorbents field. Arkema is the second most important producer worldwide in the zeolite adsorbents field and works with the world’s largest petrochemical groups.

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Olefinic streams drying

Reliable solutions for any kind of technology

Siliporite® molecular sieves are widely used to dry cracked gas and olefin cuts in their gaseous or liquid phases. This process is critical, since fluids, after drying, are subjected to low temperature treatment. Any remaining water would cause freezing or the formation of hydrates. The immediate consequence would be an operational shutdown. Our molecular sieves have been designed to provide reliable and consistent performance, ensuring a continuous and efficient process.

Critical issues in cracked gas drying

A feature of the ethylene production industry is the diversity of cracked gas feedstocks and process technology. Our desiccants are designed for and installed in both high and low pressure crackers. We supply molecular sieves suitable for all kinds of feedstocks. The special 3A products combine high water adsorption capacity with minimum ethylene co-adsorption and excellent mechanical characteristics.