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Siliporite® Airsiev P Series for Air Separation Units

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Molecular sieves for industrial gases solutions.

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Air prepurification for cryogenic distillation

With cryogenic distillation, gases are separated at extremely low temperature. In a modern Air Separation Unit (ASU), the first step is to remove water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and traces of hydrocarbons using an adsorption process, based on molecular sieves such as Airsiev® products and in some cases activated alumina.

Downstream, the air is processed in a cryogenic distillation column in order to produce highly pure nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and argon (Ar). Purity levels can reach: O2>99.95% and N2>99.999 %. The molecular sieves unit is a very critical step of the process and has to be well designed in order to optimize the fit with the cryogenic section.