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Nitroxy® series for Oxygen concentrators

Product overview

Nitroxy®, one of Arkema's Siliporite® products, is a synthetic zeolite designed to perform in the most advanced oxygen concentrators intended for medical use.

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Your value-added partnership with Arkema, the worldwide molecular sieves supplier

Since 1958 Arkema has been a major player in molecular sieves and a renowned expert in the field with its Siliporite® registered trademark.

Medical oxygen concentrator

The three grades of molecular sieves for this application are:

  • Nitroxy® 5: first grade introduced in 1997, is a universally accepted material in many standard medical oxygen concentrators already "in the field"
  • Nitroxy® 51: second grade, often utilized for the development of lighter, more compact units that operate with less noise and lower power consumption. The benefits are clear for the oxygen concentrator producer as well as patient comfort as the units require less molecular sieve material for the same output and are thus lighter and easier for the patient to move around
  • Nitroxy® SXSDM:  third and highest grade comes with all the benefits that Nitroxy® 51 offers, as well as improved kinetics (speed of adsorption). This grade is recommended for the development of very small, quiet and low power consuming units. The Nitroxy® SXSDM grade benefits the oxygen concentrator manufacturer with lower overall manufacturing costs as well as potentially providing the patient with portability, low power consumption and very quiet operating levels.

With its complete line of Nitroxy® molecular sieves, Arkema is the partner of choice for the development of highly efficient oxygen concentrators.