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MSAA (Methane Sulfonic Acid Anhydrous)

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CAS 75-75-2
Product overview

Methane Sulfonic Acid Anhydrous (MSAA - CH3SO3H) is a strong organic acid widely used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its high acidity and high miscibility in aqueous and most organic media.

Geographic availability
  • Worldwide
Chemical name : Anhydrous methane sulfonic acid, Methansulfonsäure wasser, Acide methane sulfonique anhydre
Common name : AMSA

Properties of MSAA

Arkema manufactures MSAA in a dedicated production unit in southwest France, and produces by drying 70% methane sulfonic acid.
Arkema has developed specific process conditions to achieve high quality MSSA:

  • Strong acid (pKa -1.92)
  • Biodegradable
  • Molecular weight 96.1
  • Water content < 5000 ppm  
  • Residual Mesylates: 
    • MMS and EMS < 2 ppm
    • IMS < 10 ppm
    • Sulfonyl chloride < 10 ppm

Our plant is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS.
Arkema offers global distribution of AMSA in 30, 200, 1000 liter drums and in bulk.

Benefits of MSAA

  • Enhanced water solubility and stability of the active Pharmaceutical Ingredient salts 
  • Facilitated and faster reactions  
  • Lower toxicity and eco-toxicity 

MSSA widely used in pharmaceutical applications

Arkema manufactures high quality Anhydrous Methane Sulfonic Acid in line with the European pharmacopeia specification. It is widely used as:


  • Formation of pharmacologically acceptable API salts
  • Dehydrating reaction solvent
  • Reaction, extraction, purification and crystallization of synthetic intermediates synthetic raw material
  • Acid catalyst, particularly for formation and removal of protecting groups

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