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AMSA (Anhydrous Methane Sulfonic Acid)

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CAS 75-75-2
Product overview

AMSA (Anhydrous Methane Sulfonic Acid - CH3SO3H) is a strong organic acid widely used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its high acidity and high miscibility in aqueous and most organic media.

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  • Worldwide
Chemical name : Anhydrous methane sulfonic acid, Methansulfonsäure wasser, Acide methane sulfonique anhydre
Common name : AMSA

Properties of AMSA (Anhydrous Methane Sulfonic Acid)

Arkema manufactures AMSA (Anhydrous Methane Sulfonic Acid) in a dedicated production unit in southwest France, and produces by drying 70% methane sulfonic acid.
Arkema has developed specific process conditions to achieve high quality AMSA:

  • Strong acid (pKa -1.92)
  • Biodegradable
  • Molecular weight 96.1
  • Water content < 5000 ppm  
  • Residual Mesylates: 
    • MMS and EMS < 2 ppm
    • IMS < 10 ppm
    • Sulfonyl chloride < 10 ppm

Our plant is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS.
Arkema offers global distribution of AMSA in 30, 200, 1000 liter drums and in bulk.

Benefits of AMSA (Anhydrous Methane Sulfonic Acid)

  • Enhanced water solubility and stability of the active Pharmaceutical Ingredient salts 
  • Facilitated and faster reactions  
  • Lower toxicity and eco-toxicity 

AMSA widely used in pharmaceutical applications

Arkema manufactures high quality AMSA (Anhydrous Methane Sulfonic Acid) in line with the European pharmacopeia specification. It is widely used as:


  • Formation of pharmacologically acceptable API salts
  • Dehydrating reaction solvent
  • Reaction, extraction, purification and crystallization of synthetic intermediates synthetic raw material
  • Acid catalyst, particularly for formation and removal of protecting groups

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