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Arkema has the largest sulfonyls range including MSA (methane sulfonic acid - CAS 75-75-2) and MSC (methane sulfonic chloride - CAS 124-63-0). Arkema has been manufactured methane sulfonic acid for more than 40 years, and has developed various grades adapted to customer's applications for MSA (CH3SO3H) based on its high acidity and full biodegradability. MSC (CH3SO2Cl), is a versatile, reactive chemical used in the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, photographic. It is also commonly known as mesyl chloride.

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Methane Sulfonic acid (MSA)

MSA (methane sulfonic acid) has lower color product, and is biodegradable. MSA has no toxic fumes, has low toxicity to aquatic life, contains no phenol and completely miscible in water. 

MSA is recognized as an ideal acid for:

  • Electroplating - achieving a smooth and uniform metal deposit
  • Catalysis - high bronsted acidity affording high productivity, high product quality, and easier handling of waste streams.
  • Fine chemicals - for API salt preparation
  • Cleaning agent - for rapid descaling and metal rust removal
  • Reaction solvent - allowing synthesis in a  strongly acidic but non-oxidizing medium
  • Neutralizing agent - to obtain soluble salts

Arkema produces various grades of MSA acid tailored for specific applications:

Methane Sulfonyl Chloride (MSC) or Mesyl Chloride

Methane Sulfonyl Chloride (MSC) - also known as Mesyl Chloride - is a building block for intermediates and products in fine chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals

  • MSC is a reactive acid chloride widely used in synthesis of sulfonamides, sulfonimides, sulfones, and sulfonate esters.
  • Arkema offers global distribution of MSC under controlled safe conditions in drums or in bulk.

Contributing to Sustainable Solutions

An eco-friendly solution for cleaning water membranes

Scaleva® MSA is the solution for descaling applications including cooling towers, evaporative coolers, hot water boilers, and processing equipment (including water treatment membranes). Readily biodegradable, Scaleva® has an excellent HSE profile compared to other alternatives. Moreover, dilute solutions are safe for discharge to water treatment facilities as Scaleva® contains no phosphorus or nitrogen, two water pollutants that cause eutrophication (dense growth of aquatic plants leading to the death of animal life from lack of oxygen) in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water.

(TIN) electroplating: fewer side reactions and higher performance

E-Pure MSA® replaces most classical acids used in Sn or Sn/Pb electroplating baths, and frees processes from toxic lead and hazardous fluoborates. With E-Pure MSA®, bath can operate with lower metal content and allows for reduced waste, sludge and fewer residues and effluents. E-Pure MSA® also offers the possibility to recycle electrolytes.

Enabler for biodiesel manufacturing from recycled feedstocks

Arkema offers innovative thiochemical solutions which allow biodiesel manufacturers to produce the highest quality of biodiesel in a safe and cost-effective manner. MSA LC (Low Corrosion) is a strong acid that can be used as an acidulation or neutralization agent, or as a (trans)esterification catalyst that improves yield for biodiesel producers.This allows the use of  advantaged feedstocks like waste oils or animal fats, while significantly reducing the corrosivity toward stainless steel materials.