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Metalworking fluid additives

Our range of additives help to fine-tune neat oil and water-based formulations for higher quality lubricants: improved cooling effect, better machinery and tool protection, safer working environment

Our Extreme Pressure Sulfur additives TPS® are commonly used in MetalWorking:

  • Compatible with mineral and synthetic-based oils and greases 
  • Free of unsaturated hydrocarbon residues 
  • Grades varying from low odor and color, to colorless and odorless solutions.

We offer a complementary range:

  • Bio based Extreme Pressure and Anti Wear additives VPS® and Oleris® Esterol

  • Biodegradable extreme pressure additive SPS10LS

  • Sustainable Oleris® n-heptanoic acid used in the synthesis of polar polyol esters with lower viscosity and pour point values for the formulation of performance metalworking lubricants. 


Metal surface treatment solutions

Our solutions for metal surface treatment are designed to increase metal parts durability and damage protection:

  • Albone® hydrogen peroxide is an oxidant used directly or in combination with sulfuric or nitric acid for pickling baths and oxides layer removal. Albone® is a very efficient solution to clean metal surfaces to improve the metal properties. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative to fluonitric acid blends. Albone® is used on copper, titanium or stainless steel among others.
  • Thioglycolic acid (TGA) is an additive for coating formulations for metal surface cleaning and protection from corrosion and other damages.



Additives for lubricants 

Fatty amines and their derivatives impart a number of properties to straight oils, in particular smoothness, water-repellency, corrosion inhibition, and friction modification. Alkoxylated derivatives are used to formulate stable emulsions. Arkema offers lubrication and surface treatment manufacturers a comprehensive range of additives and intermediates for the synthesis of additives used in lubricant packages:

Dinoram® diamines

Inipol® salts of diamine

Noramox® and Dinoramox® ethoxylated amines

Surfaline® ethoxylated alcohols

Ensoline® phenoxyethanol and phenoxypropanol