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TPS®, best Extreme Pressure (EP) additives for current lubricant trends

Product overview
Sulfur compounds are commonly used as additives in lubricant formulations dedicated to Metal Working Fluids (MWF) and other industrial and automotive lubricants (hydraulic fluids, gear oils, greases, turbine oils). Our broad extreme pressure additives products range with or without active sulfur (TPS®,VPS®, SPS® and esterol) allows you to fine-tune your formulation properties without unsaturated compounds and fully chlorine free.
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TPS® products properties

Our TPS® differ from other sulfurized olefins (SO) thanks to its unique manufacturing process.

TPS®  products benefits


Propose Longer lasting lubricant to extend life oil
  • Higher oxidation stability compared to other Sulfurized Olefins (SO)
  • Compatible with premium base oils
  • Lower color, & VOC versus SO.
Gearboxes downsizing for lighter engines
  • Higher thermal resistance.


Change in metal working operations to increase productivity
  • Higher thermal resistance compared to other SO
  • Allow to work at high loads operations
  • High hydrolytic stability for water-based formulations
Replacement of chlorinated paraffin
  • Full range for neat oil & water-based formulations.

TPS® products, additives for more sustainable solutions

Consistent with Arkema's Social Commitment Charter, we offer products driven by a responsible management of our activities and social impact, contributing to the transition of a more sustainable industry and reducing our carbon footprint.

TPS ODD 8 FR.png

An alternative to replace chlorinated paraffin while offering longer lasting for lubricants

Commonly used in lubricant formulations, our sulfur-based additives TPS® allows replacement of chlorinated paraffins with a full range for neat oil & water-based formulations, through their non-chlorinated profile and their good extreme pressure efficiency. Thanks to their higher oxidation resistance and being compatible with new type of oils, TPS® also allows lubricant oils to last longer.

TPS ODD 13 FR.png

TPS®, Extreme Pressure sulfur additives for lighter vehicles

Today, companies must abide by new increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Carmakers and OEMs have to undertake to reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles. To fulfil this requirement, Arkema supports the automotive sector, by offering extreme pressure sulfur additives for lubricants. Thanks to their higher thermal resistance compared to other sulfurized olefins, TPS® and especially TPS® 44 can enable more compact and lighter design of automotive gearboxes, contributing to lighter vehicles.

Current societal challenges have a significant impact on the lubricant market trends.Those market trends are evolving and lead to new technical challenges that the lubricant market need to address. This webinar intend to present how our products TPS® answer those current trends and challenges in the field of lubricant extreme pressure additives. 

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