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Sodium Methyl Mercaptide (SMM)

Product overview

Arkema is offering SMM 21 % grade in water supplied in ISO or drums. Arkema has also developed a SMM 33% grade to improve concentration. This grade, supplied in ISO, could thus be more competitive and sustainable limiting transport to get requested quantity of SMM delivered. SMM 21% and SMM 33% can be used for agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals synthesis as well as catalyst for bisphenol A production.

Geographic availability
  • Worldwide

Smart Advantages

An alternative for Methyl Mercaptan (CH3SH) where transport or storage of CH3SH are restricted
Arkema produces SMM in liquid form at 21% or 33% salt in water
SMM is readily biodegradable
Chemical name : Sodium methyl mercaptide (SMM)
Common name : Mercaptan

Arkema’s services & commitments for SMM

  • Quality: High purity SMM,several grades available (21% or 33%)
  • Expertise: Scientific advice & recommendations to your process teams
  • Dedicated unit: Controlled process, not a by-product
  • Reach: registered
  • Logistics: Supplied WW in specific ISO containers or drums

SMM for 2 mains applications

SMM in fine chemicals (Agro & Pharma)


SMM is a useful building block for molecule bearing a –SMe moiety or chemicals moieties derived from this functional group (ex: -S(O)2Me)

SMM for Bisphenol A production


SMM is a precursor of MeSH, which is the co-catalyst of the reaction

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Our range of Amines, Oxygenated Solvents and other synthetic intermediates based on sulphur chemistry (e.g. MSA - Methane Sulfonic Acid, TAA - Thioacetic Acid) are indispensable.

They are used not only in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, but also in the manufacturing of pesticides, textiles, paints, rubber, etc.

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