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AZDN, Additives for polymers and resins

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As derivatives of Hydrazine Hydrate, the azo-bis-Isobutyronitrile, AZDN or AIBN, is used as blowing agent for PVC foam, or as polymerization initiator for synthesis of flocculant agents in water treatment.



Accolade® and Paladin®, your premier and sustainable solutions for agricultural soil fumigation

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Arkema has developped Accolade® and Paladin® as fumigation solutions in various countries with a broad spectrum of effectiveness (nematicide, herbicide, fungicide). Used for the preparation of horticultural soils, Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) has a proven track record of significant yield improvement. This sustainable generation of treatment is based on DMDS, a substance derived from sulfur that occurs naturally in the environment. Our solution is available in 2 applications, shank or drip and is combined to a barrier film which the manufacture is completely designed by Arkema for a safe and efficient use.





Acrylic acid

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Acrylic acid is a colorless liquid above its freezing point of +13°C ( +56°F). It is fully miscible in water at +20°C (+68°F).
Acrylic acid will polymerize to form homopolymers and can be copolymerized with their esters and other vinyl monomers. Its carboxylic acid functionality provides anionic character and reactivity with alcohols and epoxides.

Acrylic monomers

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Arkema is a leading global producer of acrylic monomers. Thanks to their unique properties acrylic monomers improve every day life by making products last longer, allowing water based formulations wihout solvents and a cleaner environment.


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Adame® is produced by transesterification.
Cationic nature linked to the tertiary amino functionality, which can be enhanced by quaternization of the tertiary amine.
Adame® is mainly used for production of cationic monomers (Adamquat).
Ability to polymerize and copolymerize.

Adamquat MC 80

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Adamquat brings cationic charge to polymers.
Monomers and homopolymers are water-soluble.
They have a good copolymerizability with Acrylamide.
The main market is the production of cationic polyacrylamides used as flocculent for wastewater and sludge treatment, paper retention and drainage aids and wet and dry strength for paper sheet formation.

Additives for Plastics - Clearstrength® MBS Impact Modifiers

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Clearstrength® MBS impact modifiers are available around the world for use in engineering resins applications.  The Clearstrength® E-series has been developed to withstand severe processing conditions and bring high impact peformance especially at low temperatures. Applications include PC/ABS monitor housings, PC/PBT automotive bumpers, and PC cell phone housings among a host of others. Our new MBS Clearstrength® XT100 offers the possibility to bring impact performances in high performance composites and structural adhesives markets.


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The Adiansol® range contains polyether polyols with different functionalities. These products are based on glycerin, trimethylolpropane (TMP), propylene glycol or amines. The Adiansol® polyols are mainly used as crosslinkers and building blocks.

Agrochemical and pharmaceutical synthesis intermediates

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Mercaptans can be used for some intermediate synthesis in agrochemical and pharmaceutical markets. Sodium methyl mercaptide (SMM), ethyl mercaptan (EM) and tertio-butyl mercaptan (TBM) are used worldwide to produce intermediates entering for instance in terbufos or phorate agrochemicals.


Arkema also produces AminesOxygenated Solvents and Hydrazine Hydrate that can be useful in synthesizing intermediates. 

Airsiev® Ox series

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The Airsiev® Ox series is a range of molecular sieves designed for oxygen production by PSA (Pressure swing adsorption) process with a broad range of performances (Airsiev Ox 8 and Ox 19).

Airsiev® P series

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The Airsiev® P series is a range of molecular sieves designed for air prepurification with four different performance ranges, for 140 minutes to 300 minutes of CO2 breakthrough (Airsiev P 140, P 180, P 220 and P 300).

Albone® hydrogen peroxide for industrial applications

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Albone® is formulated for general hydrogen peroxide applications. It is mostly used in the bleaching of paper pulp and of natural and synthetic textile fibers, chemical synthesis, as well as environmental applications such as wastewater and gas treatment. It is also used in the mining and metal treatment industries.

Alkylphenol disulfide

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Alkylphenol polysulfides are multi-functional products. This range is articulated around Vultac® and Rosinox® products. Supplied by MLPC International, Vultac® and Rosinox® are low molecular weight alkyl phenol disulfide oligomers.
Vultac® are sulfur donors and vulcanization agents for rubbers with antioxidant and tackifying properties due to their chemical structure.
Rosinox® is a bleaching agent and catalyst for disproportionation of rosin and rosin esters

Alpure® sodium chlorate

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Alpure® sodium chlorate (NaClO3) by Arkema is a white crystalline solid produced from salt and water. This strong oxidant primarily serves for the generation of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a key bleaching agent in the manufacturing of high quality chemical pulps for a large variety of papers and packaging applications.

Amine Additives for Polymers and Resins

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Arkema's amine additives can have various applications such as catalysts for resins, co-monomers or shortstoppers thanks to the variety of chemical functions of our products.

Additionally, Arkema produces alkylamines (polyamines, alkylalcanolamines, etc). For example, they can be used as cataysts for resins or co-monomers or acid scavengers. Those amines, with their various characteristics are used by many players in the coatings, adhesives and cosmetics industries.

All products listed below are available from stock. Arkema is also developing amines per customer request (from single gram samples to hundred tons).

Amine additives for coating

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Our amines are used in the synthesis of resins or directly in the final paint formulation. They can be used as neutralising agents in waterborn paints or as anti-skin in alkyd paints.

All products listed below are available from stock. Arkema is also developing amines per customer request (from first grams samples to hundred tons).

Amine corrosion inhibitors

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Our amine-based additives help to prevent corrosion in water systems (power plants, boilers...), metal working fluids or refineries. They can also act as neutralising agents or oxygen or hydrogen sulfide scavengers.


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Over the past 50 years, Arkema has developed expertise in the manufacturing of amines by a variety of processes, including alcohol amination and reductive amination of aldehydes and ketones. Our dedicated specialty amine multipurpose unit provides the flexibility to carry out many other reactions, including methylation, cyanoethylation, hydrogenation of nitriles, and high pressure hydrogenation.

Key applications include adhesives, paints, and resins, pharmaceutical and agrochemical development, polymerization, water treatment, foundry resins, and solutions for surfactant, textile, cosmetic, perfume, oil and petrochemicals, rubber and electronics.

Amines additives for PVC polymerization control

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Arkema offers various solutions for controlling PVC polymerization: our product range especially includes polymerization initiators, shortstoppers, emergency killers and blowing agents.

Amines catalysts for foundry

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Arkema offers amines catalysts for the manufacture of molds in foundry by the « PU cold box » process. Those amines can be used alone or blended. Arkema conceived and patented specific products, Alpamine® F4520, F4620, F4680 that combine optimized efficiency and handling easiness to specifically address your needs.

Amines for Chemical Synthesis and Pharmaceuticals

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Basic amines are used essentially as building blocks or acid scavengers in fine chemistry.

In addition to basic amines, Arkema produces a range of specialty amines, including alkylamines, polyamines, asymetrical secondary amines and alkylalcanolamines. These amines with their various characteristics are used by many players, especially in pharmaceutical industry as well as fine chemistry.


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Apolhya® products are the only soft polyolefin based thermoplastic materials that can withstand high temperatures : 150° C and higher for over 3,000 hours. Special grafting processes and chemistry produce polyamide-grafted polyolefins having a unique co-continuous structure that provides for breakthrough properties. The Apolhya® range of products is suitable to the full spectrum of processing conditions (film casting, calendar and blown extrusion, injection moulding, etc.)