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Apolhya® products are the only soft polyolefin based thermoplastic materials that can withstand high temperatures : 150° C and higher for over 3,000 hours. Special grafting processes and chemistry produce polyamide-grafted polyolefins having a unique co-continuous structure that provides for breakthrough properties. The Apolhya® range of products is suitable to the full spectrum of processing conditions (film casting, calendar and blown extrusion, injection moulding, etc.)

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Sep 28 2016

Arkema showcases its latest innovations and its range of advanced materials at K2016

Arkema, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, has become a specialty chemicals and ...

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Jun 11 2015
    Innovation Products

Arkema partners the European Inventor of the Year

Physical and Chemist Ludwik Leibler was presented with the European Inventor of the Year Award in ...

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