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Bactiram® are biocides developed to control bacteria growth in oil and gas production, processing, storage and transportation facilities, as well as in water systems specific to oil fields (produced water disposal systems and production, treatment and injection water systems). In particular, Bactiram® prevent corrosion, injectivity reduction, fouling and plugging problems due to the presence of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) and thiosulfate reducing bacteria (TRB).

Basic amine additives for polymers and resins

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Our additives can have various applications such as catalysts for resins, co-monomers or shortstoppers thanks to the variety of chemical functions of our products.

Basic amines for chemical synthesis

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Basic amines are used essentially as building blocks or acid scavengers in fine chemistry.

Biostrength® biopolymer impact modifiers

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Biostrength® modifiers are outstanding impact modifiers designed to improve the performances of biopolymers, such as polylatic acid (PLA). Biostrength® additives are commonly used to strengthen performances in packaging, thermoformed sheets, and injection molding applications.


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Butylacrylate is a colorless liquid above its freezing point of -64°C (-83°F). Its homopolymer glass transition temperature is -54°C (-65°F).
It can be polymerized with each other and copolymerized with other monomers to produce polymers having the optimal properties for your application.