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N3xtDimension® solutions for 3D printing

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N3xtDimension®  liquid resins for UV-curable 3D printing, an integrated offering including custom formulations, engineered resins for a targeted performance, and building blocks of oligomers, monomers, cationic resins, photoinitiators, and additives.

Our resins help additive manufacturers achieve exceptional freedom of performance design, high resolution, wave-length independency and enhanced processability. They also fulfill performance and regulatory requirements for a wide range of industrial uses such as medical, dental, electronics and sporting goods applications.

Nanostrength®: self-assembling block copolymers

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Nanostrength® is a new family of self-assembling block copolymers that organize on the nanometer scale. When blended into a polymer matrix compatible with one of the blocks, Nanostrength® imparts unique combinations of properties to the end material such as impact strength, high rigidity, and transparency. Nanostrength® diblock copolymers allow for the modification a material’s surface properties including changes in hydrophillicity, hydrophobicity and adhesion.

Neoliens biobased nonionic surfactant

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Our new bio-based surfactant range, Neoliens™ provide multiple benefits and advantages, enhances lubricant and industrial applications:

Stable emulsion with low particule size / Low foam behavior, high HLB version / Narrow range ethoxylated surfactant possible TCO (Total Cost Ownership) benefits / Designed for acidic and basic pH range for industrial application, rolling oil and metal working fluid / Designed for high perfomance industrial cleaner: high detergency and surfactant behavior / Non aquatoxic surfactant and Readily biodegradable: 87,8 % after 28 days (Method: OECD Test Guideline 301 F).

The range is derived from castor oil, a vegetal source out of palm oil and without competition with food chain. Neoliens product formulations meet and outperform today’s formulator and consumer needs while limiting the impact on the environment.

Nitroxy® 5

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Nitroxy® 5 is a sodium based molecular sieve that separates nitrogen from oxygen in respiratory care. It is wideliy used in high performance oxygen concentrators.

Nitroxy® 51

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Nitroxy® 51 is a lithium based molecular sieve for respiratory care. It is wideliy used in very high performance oxygen concentrators.

Nitroxy® SXSDM

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Nitroxy® SXSDM is a lithium based molecular sieve for respiratory care. It is wideliy used in very high performance oxygen concentrators.

Nitroxy® series for Oxygen concentrators

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Nitroxy®, one of Arkema's Siliporite® products, is a synthetic zeolite designed to perform in the most advanced oxygen concentrators intended for medical use.

Noramac® SHP

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Flotation uses the ability of surfactants to interact with surface sites of specific mineral species, making them hydrophobic. The minerals are thus carried up to the surface by air bubbles.

Noramac® SHP is a recognized fatty amine-based collector, used for the direct flotation of potash. Noramac® SHP is an acetate of hydrogenated tallow fatty amine, in the form of prills of less than 1 mm diameter, for an easy handling and a good solubilization.


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Noramium® Quaternary ammonium salts are cationic surfactants, that adsorb onto the surface of certain type of clays, such as bentonite clays, which are natural hydrophilic fillers. After adsorption, clays become compatible with organic liquid media, and are used as rheology modifiers for paints, polymers, inks, lubricants or oil-drilling muds.



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Noramox® is a broad range of ethoxylated fatty amines based on natural feedstock and  ethoxylation (EO) technology. The specific structures of Noramox® products :

  • fatty chains from C12 to C18

  • EO adducts from 2 to 15 moles of EO

  • amine group

Lead to the following properties : emulsifying, dispersing, wetting and corrosion inhibition.

Normal Dodecyl Mercaptan

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NDM (NORMAL DODECYL MERCAPTAN) is commonly used in the manufacturing process of polymers such as styrenics and acrylics (PMMA, ABS...)

Normal Octyl Mercaptan

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NOM (Normal Octyl Mercaptan) is commonly used in the manufacturing process of various polymers (PMMA, PAN...).



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 The additive Noroplast® is used for the manufacture of compounds for antistatic or colour masterbatches. It is also a wetting and dispersing agent for organic or mineral pigments and mineral fillers.


The additive Noroplast® is used as internal antistatic agent for plastic materials such as polyolefinic polymers of polypropylene type, high density HD polyethylene and low density LD for the manufacture of films or moulding.


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Norust® are efficient corrosion inhibitors developped to protect oil and gas production installations against internal corrosion. This includes protection of water systems specific to oil fields (produced water disposal systems and production, treatment and injection waters facilities). Norust® offers an optimum corrosion inhibition whatever the fluid characteristics and field conditions: CO2 and/or H2S presence, low or high water salinity, top of line/gas phase corrosion, high temperature, high shear.

Norust® SC

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There are two categories of scavengers: oxygen scavengers to remove traces of oxygen dissolved in water and H2S scavengers to remove H2S present in oil, gas and water to comply with the most stringent HSE requirements.