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VPS®15  is an inactive sulfur donor additive made of vegetable sulfurized esters (15% sulfur) compatible with mineral, synthetic base oilsl and greases.


Key properties: low color and odor, limpid, bio-based and bio-degradable.


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VPS®17 is an active sulfur donor additive made of vegetable sulfurized esters (17% sulfur) compatible with mineral, synthetic base oils and greases.


Key properties: low color & odor, limpid, bio-based and bio-degradable.

Valsterane® hydrogen peroxide for food packaging disinfection

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Valsterane® is a unique product range of high-purity and high-performance hydrogen peroxide specialty products.This product range has been specially designed for all aseptic technologies (spray, vapor or bath processes) as a disinfectant for cardboard and PE/ PET packaging in direct contact with food and beverages.


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Arkema has developed Vigileak®, an innovative new group of gas odorants for LPG offering higher chemical stability vs Ethyl Mercaptan. Odorization with Vigileak® 7030 provides the same alert level as Ethyl Mercaptan, and at lower injection dosage, generating significant savings for our customers.
We have also designed Vigileak® Z to fulfill even lower sulfur requirements, in order to be in line with low sulfur content regulations in countries using LPG for car fuel, and also for situations where local temperature make the handling of low boiling point Ethylmercaptan or Vigileak® 7030 critical.


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Vikinol™ can be used as an intermediate, undergoing reactions of primary and secondary alcohols, adding hydrophobic domains in the synthesis of surfactants and lube/fuel additives. They can also be used as processing aids for rigid PVC and ABS and anti-block and mold release agents for polyolefin and synthetic rubber.

Vikoflex® 4050 Octyl Epoxy Ester

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Vikoflex® 4050 octyl epoxy ester can provide heat and light stability in vinyl formulations. Vikoflex® 4050 octyl epoxy ester is a non-tall oil based material, but offers the same octyl structure. Vikoflex® 4050 octyl epoxy ester has an extremely low viscosity. This characteristic makes it easy to add to virtually all vinyl formulations. In addition, low color and odor make working with Vikoflex® 4050 octyl epoxy ester easy and low-impact.

Vikoflex® 5075 Epoxidized Propylene Glycol Dioleate

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Vikoflex® 5075 epoxidized propylene glycol dioleate is a monomeric epoxide with low volatility, low temperature flexibility, and excellent compatibility in plastisols and organosols. The low viscosity of Vikoflex® 5075 epoxidized propylene glycol dioleate plasticizer makes it suitable for plastisol and organosol formulations. The epoxy functionality provides excellent heat and light stability.

Vikoflex® 7190 Epoxidized Linseed Oil

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Vikoflex® 7190 epoxidized linseed oil is a premium-quality stabilizer for rigid, semi-rigid, flexible extruded, calendered, and molded PVC applications. The expense of methyl and butyl-tin stabilizers applications can be avoided by using Vikoflex® 7190 epoxidized linseed oil in combination at up to 10%. When food contact or medical applications require metallic stabilizers not be used, Vikoflex® 7190 epoxidized linseed oil can provide color stability

Vikoflex® epoxidized vegetable oils

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Arkema's epoxides plant is located in Blooming Prairie, MN near the abundant soybean fields of the US Midwest.  The quality of Arkema's epoxidized vegetable oils is among the highest available anywhere in the world.  Customers from Asia and Europe prefer the quality of Arkema's Vikoflex® epoxides to local substitutes for consistency and reilable oxirane content.


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Vikolox® products play a variety of roles in many different applications in industry: acid scavengers, stabilizers, and deodorizers. They can also be used as intermediates for agricultural and pharmaceutical products, personal care products, surfactants, and lube/fuel additives.


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Vikopol™ epoxidized polybutenes are used in a variety of applications, including adhesives, coatings, concrete, electrical compounds, epoxies, foams, lubricants and additives, sealants, surfactants, unsaturated polyesters, urethanes and as plastic modifiers.


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A full range of ASE (Alkali Swellable Emulsions) type acrylic rheology modifiers and thickeners with key advantages during the formulation and the application such as ease of use, strong thickening, high efficiency, high body and structure and good antisettling.
Besides they can be an excellent alternative to HEC thickeners.

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Viscoatex™ 730

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Viscoatex™ 730 is a synthetic alkali swellable, solvent free and liquid thickener for water-borne systems, highly effective to increase low shear viscosities as well as yield values. Levels of use can thus be significantly reduced in replacing usual low shear effective thickeners by Viscoatex™ 730. It is recommended for use in flat paints, textured coatings, plasters and woodstains. It is easy to handle and can be incorporated at any manufacture step.

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VulCup® R crosslinking peroxide

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VulCup® R peroxide is bis-peroxide for crosslinking engineered rubber products and elastomers.  VulCup® R peroxide also offers a high degree of scorch safety during compounding and leaves very little odor in sulfur-free vulcanizates.  As compared with dicumyl peroxide, users can often reach the same crosslinking effect even while using 40% less peroxide in the formulation.

Vultac® are sulfur donors and vulcanization agents for rubbers

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Vultac® are sulfur donors and vulcanization agents for rubbers with antioxidant and tackifying properties due to their chemical structure.
Supplied by MLPC International,Vultac® grades are low molecular weight alkylphenol disulfide oligomers that contain between 20-31.5% of sulfur.