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Alpure® sodium chlorate

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Alpure® sodium chlorate (NaClO3) by Arkema is a white crystalline solid produced from salt and water. This strong oxidant primarily serves for the generation of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), a key bleaching agent in the manufacturing of high quality chemical pulps for a large variety of papers and packaging applications.

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Alpure® sodium chlorate also finds uses in a variety of processes

  • To produce sodium perchlorate, used as propellants and in plastic additive formulations
  • To produce sodium chlorite, for small scale production of ClO2 used for water disinfection
  • To produce iron chloride, a coagulant for waste water treatment.

In addition, Alpure® sodium chlorate is a chemical solution in the mining industry, for example for uranium ore treatment, in the electronics industry for Printed Circuits Board (PCB) etching and for several other special applications.

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