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As we face current and future challenges, Arkema strives to combine performance and commitment. The global vision we share with our employees brings us to the leading edge of specialty materials, through which we can support professionals and manufacturers from a broad spectrum of industries. By joining us, you are helping to design tomorrow’s world.

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We base our global strategy and everyday operations on strong values and principles:


Individual talent is little or nothing without collective strength. And solidarity is one of Arkema’s great strengths. It is the foundation of One Arkema. Knowing how to work as a team without butting egos but listening to each other, is vital.


Performance is the cornerstone of any business. Arkema is very demanding in this area. Financial performance and operational performance, of course, but also a more qualitative and collective performance. Performance means excellence. It also evokes the performance of our materials.


Simplicity is a way of being, a state of mind. It means remaining humble and knowing how to question oneself. It is a particular way of operating, all the more important in today’s complex world. It’s knowing how to manage your priorities and go straight to the essentials, presenting things simply so as to encourage agility and efficiency.


This is the contract of trust. The ability to know how to delegate and to be convinced that each person, whatever their level, can and must make a difference.


The social role of the company is increasingly evident. And it cannot just stop at the company’s doorstep. It includes all stakeholders. Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. We must be exemplary in this area. Everyone must be involved, because diversity is an essential asset for the Group to achieve its ambitions.

New recruits are often surprised by the autonomy they enjoy in our organization, where the focus is on action"

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