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A strong well-being at work culture

Well-being in the workplace is an integral part of the company's strategy and is directly linked to performance. It covers all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the physical environment, to the way employees feel about their work and their work environment, the internal climate, work/life balance and work organization.

Our well-being at work culture is centered on four pillars

  • Health and safety
  • The work environment
  • Human relationships
  • Digital transformation

Each of these pillars is based on our values.


The quality of well-being at work is central to Arkema's values, which is why we are so vigilant about these principles.

A proactive occupational health policy

Arkema’s occupational health policy has three main strands:

  • Enhancing wellness. We have set up awareness programs and training courses on health and wellness in the workplace, covering aspects such as sleep, diet and psychosocialmental health risks.

In 2008 a “No drugs, no alcohol” initiative was launched for all employees.

In the United States, the company runs sessions for its employees on obesity, smoking, exercise and food quality.

  • Preventing risk at the workstation. We constantly strive to incorporate ergonomic features into the design of new facilities and to adapt existing working environments. We are also developing tools to measure and assess health hazards at the workstation.
  • Preventing addiction and mental health risks. Our awareness and information initiatives are led by occupational health physicians and target all Group employees.

The Group created a pioneering Central Stress Observatory seven years ago, responsible for identifying risk situations at the company’s French sites.

A survey of all our employees around the world shows their strong engagement in the Arkema Group

As part of its proactive continuous improvement drive, Arkema launched in early 2023 “ARKEMA CARES 2023”, its third in-house globally harmonized engagement survey which involved more than 21,000 employees.

This initiative has helped gauge the level of employee engagement in their activities at the service of the Company as well as their collective potential to play a role in Arkema’s sustainable growth ambition.

With 77% of employees stating their full engagement, this survey confirms the strong mobilization of the Group’s men and women in aiding its growth.

Promoting operational excellence from the field

Who better than a plant's employees to identify the strengths and weaknesses in its organization?

With that in mind, we run an operational excellence program to gather ideas and avenues for optimization from the people in the field. Layout, safety, ergonomics and working conditions are all areas in which everyone can contribute, based on intimate knowledge of their field and their occupation.

Ergonomics in the workplace

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